Forthalome: To the New World

2015 Session 13: Dwarf Murderin, Like You Do

September 27th, 2015 – Sean

Allies and Rivals

Allies & Rivals:
- Icare Zsofia | Gerwaldde
- Ghim Gerwaldde | Icare
- Slav Khiara | Gerwaldde
- Zsofia Icare | Gerwaldde
- Khiara Ghim | Slav
- Gerwaldde Ghim | Icare

Catching up on Last Time…

Corine gets an update. Character Updating.

The Story Continues…

It is determined that in the old world, Monsters are rare, and many of the characters don’t have experience with most monsters.

… Ghim has blown his horn and charged off in a random direction. Or at least, random to the rest of us. He insists that he is using Dwarven Maze solving logic to determine which way to go. The party follows, though less ambitiously. The blowing of the horn seems to have awakened the dungeon, and Ghim is specifically drawn to the sound of Dwarven Dogs. Alas – these dogs are no longer themselves, they have clearly been destorted and taken over by these things.


Ghim is infuriated by the deception and smashes away, crushing one right away. Khiara rushes forward, using her supernatural speed and unleashes some arrows. With the help of Phill another one goes down. Gerwallde slings innefectively, while the rest of the party advances and catches up. Icare fires some bees at one of the dog-things. Meanwhile, they throw theirselves at the party with feral abandon, and don’t seem to be staying down.

Khiara fires a hail of thorns while Slav fires in a blast of scorching rays. Gerwaldde goes to town with some sling stones, smashing the one that’s on her but it doesn’t go down. The players continue to fight, and Ghim manages to destroy one of them. Some of them seem to be loosing their resiliance. The party continues to smash and at long last they are all dispatched.


Icare opens a door by knocking it down. As the party tries to figure out what to do, they hear a voice of a Dwarf coming from somewhere. A note remains, guiding the party towards the beer hall. As they advance, they find a pit trap that has been sprung, in which a dwarf appears to be trapped! The party begins to try and look at it. Then by what appears to be chance, they open it…


But not before a strange thing appears – a massive gibbering mouther! It breaks into 4 parts, 3 of which are caught in the webbing! Icare tries to run, and Khiara chases after him, swinging a great sword! Slav breath’s fire, and burns the webbing. Ghim engages them in Melee, while Icare shoots an eldrich blast. Gerwaldde stands there, paralyzed with inactivity. Khiara rushes forward and attacks with a great sword! Smashing and swinging and spell casting. Khiara is overwhelmed for a moment, but Slav manages t o finish it off with a burst of fire. Craig the Zombie beats one in to submission as well, leaving only 1… and as it advances on Slav, Zsofia finishes it off!


Now the party turns to the dwarves in the pit – one of which is dead. However, there is the question of whether the dwarf is a doppleganger or not. Icare really wants to take blood. So he does, dispite protestations of the group. In the process, he kills the dwarf! The party is freaking out a little bit, but Icare lies sucesfully. There is some posturing and anger, and Icare is clearly not concened with pissing people off.

Ghim tries to advance down the stairs angrily and a slime falls on him!


Ghim is engulfed by the ooze, and the party beats the crap out of him to rescue him!


After some discussion, the party decides to finish explopring this floor. Following the tracks leads to a beer hall, where clearly a massive explosion. Ogre bits are scattered eveywhere, and the dwarves are nowhere to be found. However, one is dead beneath the remains and he still wields a magical hammer which Zsofia takes.

The party continus to exploore, coming to a baricaded door which has some sort of creatures on the other side. After a few minutes the party decides to continue onward, and winds their way through the halls. Here, they come to some room that looks like a place of worship. On the far side is a book, cloaked in shadows. Icare and slav approach, and the shadows attack!

The shadows begin to swallow Slav, draining his life. Slingstones and Eldrich blasts come flying, and then Slav drives some of them back with holy rebuking. Zsofia rushes forward to his aid and smashes one of them out of existance! Ghim follows suit and smashes another, and within a few minutes the creatures are bested. On the pedestal is a ‘tomb of cruel lies’. It details the workings of the Bestow Curse Spell. As the party is examining it, another one of the mad things arive. Only this one is MUCH larger and grosser, smelling like a cross between London and New Orleans.


Kiara fires a pair of arrows into the massive, even as it lunge forward and colapses on her! Slav tries to heal her, but his power is waning. Meanwhile, Icare tries to shoot Kira with a poison dart! Ghim and Zsofia rush to her aid, smashing with hammers while Gerwallde peppers it with stone. Kiara manages to break out of it’s grasp, and it turns it’s attention towards Ghim grasping him. At the same time, the party sees an image of Icare stabbing Kiara in the back. Zsofia blasts the creature with magical shattering. More blows come, and Ghim manages to break free! It flails out wildly, but a moment later Slav catches it with some flames and it goes down!


Thoughts for Next Time…




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