Forthalome: To the New World

2015 Session 14: D'Icare is Dick, Also

D&D October 11, 2015: Matt


H2. Allies and Rivals

Ally | Rival

- Icare: Zsofia | Chiara
- Ghim Chiara | Icare
- Slav Zsofia | Ghim
- Chiara Zsofia | Icare
- Zsofia Chiara | Ghim


Icare was asshole and there was a dwarf suspiciously killed in a pit. There was some gibbering mouthers, evetnually the group found a room with a big book and shadow creatures swarming around it. Friendly fire happens, Icare almost hit chiara. Everyone was given a vision of Icare stabbing Chiara in the back at the end of the session.

The Story Continues…

…with the group standing around the now dissolving corpse of otyugh. The group moves towards the unexplored room in at the south end where the otyugh came from. In it are the remains of spent candles and a corpse of an ogre thing with various parts of it missing or dissolved. Strewn around the room are the ogre’s intestines yet the flesh on the body is preserved. It is laying upon two pieces of a staff with runes, carvings, and gems. On one half of the staff has someone’s hand on it with two magic rings still on the fingers. At one end there is evidence of a bed. Slav takes the rings and puts them on, instantly the hand turns to dust. Icare takes the two halfs of the staff. Icare moves to the middle of the room, snaps his fingers and lights all the candles the room, channeling nyll in the process, most the group is impressed by his stance, Zsofia is thrown into the world of guilt over his death. The room is devoid of dwarven influence with a locked and trapped seaman’s chest in the corner. Icare deftly disarms the trap and opens the chest. Inside is a butt-load of gold and a wand with carvings and eyeball like pearl at the end. Slav gives into the urge to talk in rhyme: “Maybe I can have a look, before the wand is took…” Craig carries the chest.

The group continues clearing the first level of the dungeon. They find a looted and trashed store room with nothing of note in it. The group heads towards another room that appears to be a trashed storage room with another passage leading off it. The group ends up at a well in the room after following the solitary tracks of a dwarf. Said dwarf is found floating at the bottom of said well. Slav casts suggestion on Icare, that he resists, yet Icare chooses to climb down there. Along the lip of the well are etchings that just say “Shut up, shut up, shut up….” repeatedly all the way down. When Icare touches the corpse the water attacks him!

The gray ooze instantly dissolvles Icare’s armor and the group begins to attack the ooze. Slav casts “Toasty toasty, slime is roasty!” Zsofia uses control water to flush the water in the well down. The Ooze get’s flushed the dwarf body smacks the bottom. Once the water is gone two doorways are revealed. The group finds a lever above to switch and do so. The archways open and the upper level turns into a spiral staircase which Zsofia and Ghim fall down “gracefully”, in the process they trebuchet the corpse, which bursts when it slams into the ceiling. One archway opens to a pile of Zsofia-Ghim, the other looks to descend further. Icare gets a sense that down there is great power and treasure, yet also a final end. Slav casts augery and gleans some information about the danger ahead all in well crafted rhyme. Slav relays to the group “My friends I think we should go, but there are things that you should know, something forgotten and important waits, just beyond these long closed gates. Slav must ask you this one thing, when the cup is found to your lips no bring.”

The group decides to leave the well room and heads to another where they find evidence of a dwarf hold-out where many shineys are. Slav notices some shining crystal which appear to be parts of a crystal devining bowl. Ghim gets a sense of the battle, and finds a note indicating that the dwarfs pushed down further in their retreat. The group leaves that room and finds another that has a stairway that leads up. Above we hear the sounds of someone mining and mutting incomprehensibly; the group heads up. They find a mad dwarf mumbling who immediately turns and attacks the group. The dwarf is easily subdued, yet is still adamant about attacking whomever is closest. As the group focuses on the maddened dwarf Icare is left un-watched and slips away, intending to return to the chimney and leave the dungeon. The door that the maddened dwarf was working on clearing is in fact one of the exits to the roof of the fortress. They clear the way and the group sans Icare exit the dungeon. They return to the camp.

Icare returns to camp before the rest of the group, and is surprised to find that everyone out here is also angry with him. Elo is claiming that something vicious was said, Odette approaches Icare asking for “another go”, Theo and Uraki are both looking at him with longing and decides in the confusion to retreat to his tent. When he enters he is assaulted with the seductive image of another Icare (doppleganger => D’Icare). Icare and D’Icare exchange information and not immediately kill each other. Icare convinces D’Icare to take his place and attempt to assassinate Chiara, while Icare waits at camp.

D’Icare heads back to the fortress to prepare to assassinate Chiara. But Zsofia was able to detect sneaky D’Icare at which point D’Icare changed his plan and convinced Zsofia that Icare is the Doppleganger, meanwhile Chiara extends her senses and is able overhear this conversation. Zsofia and D’Icare begin to head back to the camp, the rest of the group by now is ahead of them. Icare by this time has been called out by Gallahad to answer for the drama that D’Icare caused. At that moment Nyll breaks forth from his spirit binds and takes over, deftly avoiding any questions that may expose his plan w/ D’Icare. The scene is interrupted by Ghim entering with the skytouched dwarf which Gallahad is quick to lay his hands on. The dwarf expells some white goo and then falls into unconsciousness. Icare takes this momentary distraction to try to make it to Zsofia to expose the doppelganger. A confusing battle ensues where the doeppelganger impregnates Icare with its spawn but eventually the group figures out the real Icare, and D’ICare is dispatched.

As far as the group things, D’Icare was there in the dungeon the whole time while Icare was left at camp. All returns to normal.

After D’Icare has been dispatched the combined group gathers to figure out how to detect other doppelganger. Slav, Gallahad, & Zsofia devise a ritualistic lesser restoration to try to cure Icare of this affliction. The ritual works and the doppelganger spawn is released along with the spirit of Nyll’s Grandfather Paladin. Icare has now sunk further into evil.



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