Forthalome: To the New World

2015 Session 15: Bad Guys Can Cast Fireball, Too

D&D October 25, 2015: Sean

Allies and Rivals

Ally | Rival

- Ghallahad: Hortensia | Ghim
- Ghim Zsofia | Hortensia
- Slav Hortensia | Ghim
- Hortensia Slav | Ghim
- Zsofia Ghim | Ghallahad

Catching Up…

Identified some treasure and magical items. Revisit the fact that we have a really large camp. Barstow (Butcher), Talen (Faithful Human), Kate (expendable), Gearda (Gullable), Thelan (Suspicious Elf)

The Story Continues

Gerwalde and Nebeln deside to head out, as do the agents of the Marquis and some of the refuges. However, we also realize we have a new attendant – Hortensia! The group decides to camp for the night, and there is a heavy rain. The next morning the party enters the place, deciding to close the old passage before pressing onward to the basic stairway. When they arrive at the spiral staircase however, they are attacked by living version of those brutal warrior half-giants.


Hortensia unleashes a blast of magical energy, even as the creature continues to swing towards Ghim, smacking him hard. Ghim goes at it, smashing it with his flail twice. Gallahad charges in to help, fueling divine energy into his trident as he lashes out and stabs into a second creature that has joined the fray. Before anyone else can help, the room is filled by a wretched cloud. Slav falls back, while Zsofia vomits. Ghim continues to fight with the burly creature, trading blows. Gallahad attacks ferociously, drawing the ire of one of the beasts and takes a powerful bash as well.

Slav runs forward, casting a sickness spell on two of them, and the creatures respond by casting another spell. Meanwhile, Zsofia manages to summon winds to try and blow away the stinking cloud and the new halfling rushes forward to offer aid. Slav is then attacked, but shields himself and heals the wounded Ghim. Moments later, Gallahad takes a brutal hit, then struggles to his feet and smashes the creature with a pair of divine smites.

As they fight, there is the sound of more magic being cast and the two remaining ogre-men seem to move with greater speed. Zsofia spins her blast of wind around, clearing the last of the stinking cloud and buffeting everyone with a blast. Then, one of the beasts knocks Gallahad to the ground, only to have Slav draw him back to his feet. The paladin charges back into the fray, taking damage as he dishes it out. Ghim cheers everyone on even as he continues to smash away, taking one of them down and rushing downt he hallway.

Then – BOOM – Fireball! The halfling goes down, while the others manage to survive the blast. However, Gallahad goes down before a torrent of attacks once more. At the end of the hallway, Ghim attacks the newly discovered foe – landing a blow. Meanwhile, Slav and Zsofia manage to draw the attention of the massive one that was beating on Gallahad. The halfling shocks one – shaking it’s conviction for a moment, before it pummels Ghim.

Slav guts one of the massive foes, taking it down, even as an incoporeal form slips past him. Zsofia rushes to join Ghim and Hortentia in fighting the last one. Together they take down what appears to be the last one…


Slav sends two massive zombies downward, and retains one to serve. After some conversation, the party planned to continue onward (closing off the stairwell by the well). They rest in the chamber where coins can be found, trying to recover a little bit.

Down the stairs they find blood and the signs of a major battle, as well as a fresh trail of blood. Slav points out the direction of Ghim’s brother’s ring… it lies below!



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