Forthalome: To the New World

2015 Session 16: Harrowing Descent

D&D November 8, 2015
Taken by Matt

Criticals always do double damage

H2. Allies and Rivals
Ally | Rival
- Ghim: Gallahad | Hortensia
- Gallahad: Ghim | Hortensia
- Uraki: Gallahad | Hortensia
- Zsofia: Hortensia | Ghim
- Hortensia: Zsofia | Ghim


Previously we had a huge battle after which we left the dungeon for a long rest. The game begins at camp.

The Story Continues

The group fast travels to the beginning of the second floor. The room that they initially enter is ravaged by repeated battles with a fresh trail of dwarf blood leading through a door on the side. As Gallahad extends his evil sense he finds that beyond the door there is a “Holy Salon” (Note: Gallahad’s devine sense is able to detect consecrated or desecrated spaces, the sense oriented according to the Character’s alignment. Ex: the holy salon aligns with gallahads morals thus he detects a consecrated space)

Gallahad convinces the group to visit the salon for a quick mannie/pedi maybe a perm for Zsofia. The room is a meeting hall with one wall having a huge portrait of a nobleman that omega team traveled with. Lord Darren Erdia is the one in portrait. There is also a table with cabinets and in one of the cabinets there is a bottle of liquid with a set of small pewter cups. Zsofia realizes that there is a ritual involved and Gallahad remembers that Darren liked to toast himself a lot. Gallahad, Uraki & Zsofia toast Darren and as the toast ends there is a click and the painting swings open to reveal a secret passage. Hortensia finds “A Young Nobles guide to picking up ye olde hotte Chyckes” and pockets the book for future reference.

The secret passage goes up towards another room. In the room there is a loosely fitted stone door, Ghim takes a look and almost looses an eye to a tentacle that shoots through. The group engages the monster. Its a gooey pudding like monster with tentacles made out of tongues. The group fights valiantly with Miss Tongue Tentacles, at some point in time in the battle the maiden splits into two, yet that phases them not and Gallahad delivers finishing blows to both monsters. Getting covered in goo in the process. Everyone resists the urge to vom except gallahad but he knows better to vomit in front of others so he politely steps aside to vom out of the view of the party.

IN the room that the monster came out of is a pile of weapons and armor. We find desintergrated set of human armor, a shield, some random crap, a cool looking spear with a spear head that appears to be some precious gemstone, and a slightly pitted and gemmed crown. Zsofia takes the crown (for Icare), Ghim takes the shield and Gallahad carries the spear.

The group heads away from the recent battlefield and goes down a passage that ends at a wall. Searching for a way through Uraki finds the switch and Zsofia notices a trail of blood coming out of the wall. The wall opens to a gathering hall with four giant toads hanging out and they attack! We easily dispatch the toads and the group retreats and shuts the door behind them.

The group follows the blood trail to a damp chamber with mold growing in it. The trail leads through a doorway that was once hidden. Uraki uses her talent of breaking shit to open the door. Sadly she is the first to be consumed by the green slime, in the process of getting burning the slime off Uraki she is cursed to not wield any weapon containing metal for 4 days. Like cinderella, we have uraki try on different weapons until she finds the attractive gemstone tipped spear to be her suitor. The passage continues on to a ledge which the group climbs down.

It opens to a cavern with faint whisperings of water. We see the trail leading one direction, but in the other the group discovers some franken-lizards, which were planning an ambush. Ghim’s superstitious mind exposes the plot. It turns out these baddies double when dealth physical damage, and the group quickly realizes they don’t stand a chance against the horde of lizards-ish… so they run, only after Uraki has a gasoline fight in their hive.

A dramatic retreat sequence ensues… During the escape Ghim finds a note left by Gharm warning him to not follow their path, and also conveying a very sad dwarf scene. Ghim then LIES, GHIM HAS LIED, and tells the group that the note from Gharm indicates that there is safety ahead. The group goes down and down and down, eventually reaching a cavern with curious fleshy walls and webs with flesh in them AND SPIDERS!! Hortensia comes through and finds a small passage into another chamber with a light at the far end. She makes the passage larger for the rest of the group, but loses her mind in the process because she killed everyone else in the party in the process. Ghim picks up the puddle that is hortensia and the group charges forward to the light and encounters a stone wall spanning the chamber with a breach in it. On the other side of the wall is a lizard person coffin but its broken and the corpse is dessicated. Where the head of this corpse should be is a ball of flesh with little tentacles of flesh spreading out into the rest of the chamber seemingly infecting the rest of the chamber. Gallahad valiantly tried to purify the corpse but fails despite his friends contributions and support. In the room beyond is another divining chamber that has been recently collapsed with a dwarf corpse that has been burned. On the dwarf’s face are carvings that say “stone” in various ways. The group walks up to the pedestal and hortensia’s box begins to buzz and when she drops it it expands and lo and behold pluvius and Slav are on the other side. They figure out a way to create a portal between these boxes.



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