Forthalome: To the New World

2015 Session 17: The Vixen of the Sea

D&D December 13, 2015
Taken by Sean

Criticals always do double damage

H2. Allies and Rivals
Ally | Rival
- Pluvius: Slav | Hortensia
- Slav: Pluvius | Khiara
- Khiara: Hortensia | Slav
- Theodosia: Slav | Hortensia
- Hortensia: Slav | Pluvius



The Story Continues

We open by discussing possible ways to create a charachter swapping effect. Essentially we want to be able to swap players out. Perhaps with a combination of the magic of the boxes and the crystal shards?

Somehow they are connected – and for now two locations exist at the same time. Ther is much discussion about how to take advantage of this – as well as a discusion about a curse that has been offered by a now dead Dwarf. Pluvius decides to use Ottulukes Sphere on Hortensia to see if he can ‘eject’ her? Something happens where she sees the massive chamber as it was before, recognizing it as an illusion. She appears back at home base.

She is met by the elf caretaker (Afwon) – but is very confused. However, because of an old letter that was sent they are able to deduce where she came from. Hurray! Meanwhile, the rest of the party is trying to figure out how to get them back. Many ideas are passed around, and Theodosia manages to eject herself. However, Slav gets tired of waiting and decides to close the box… and they all pop back to camp. Hurray again! It looks like we might be able to use them to telport from one location to another.

The party rests and discusses what they might try and do – many options are offered, including the return a magical staff (with a head on it) to Slav. Slav meditates with the staff, and tries to remember what he knew about the other dead lizard. In the morning they vote on what to do – try to awaken the old dragon kind, or leaving it. It’s close but the party decides to try and awkaen the old dragon person.

Pluvius creates a teleportation circle and we jump back into the deep underground creep zone. A magical circle is placed around the dead body – Slav begins a ritual, which ends with a massive cloud of gas… he wretches, but manages to resist something even worse invading his mind. A moment later, a force ripples through all of the gathered people… which they resist… and then it settles on the dwarven corpse.

He apears to have reanimated into the Dwarf. Yay, ancient Lizard Priest in a Dwarf body! We talk and try to convince him to e our Ally. Then we decide that teleportation might be a good option.

Teleport Part of the Party Home – then Pluvius and Theo will use Dimension Door to escape, and later travel back with the rest of the group.

It still involves a considerable selection of spells. Unfortunately, things go awry and the party is teleported – into the middle of the sea. Not that Pluvius knows.

Meanwhile, the remaining people decide to go clear the treasure out, – which is a rather significant sum of money. A fortune really. And some decorative Armor (and magical armor!) The Marquis is offered the keep and the party departs. Pluvius and company returns – to find out that they never made it.

Back in the water, the party sees a boat belonging to their old pirate friend… and they decide to signal it. This is Vernando’s vessal – but it’s the best option they have.

They are drawn abord, but the crew wants to know “what their price is”. Hortensia makes it fine, as does Slav and Nigel (with Slav’s help), but Khiara is sent to the front. Vernando tells the Vixen of the sea (Khiara) that she broke his heart… but invites her to dinner.



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