Forthalome: To the New World

2016 Session 01: The Kobold Martyr

D&D 5E January 10, 2016
Taken by Sean

Criticals always do double damage


God Only Knows:
Werewolves and teleportation and Dwarf Lizards
So, we discuss possible life goals for everyone and the GM takes notes. And work out Wealth. It takes a while.

The Story Continues

The party has learendd that those who were supposed to be here are not. But, there isn’t much they can do.

Meanwhile, Reggie seeks the help of Gallahad inr emoving his curse. They agree that if he cleans up the Jacobian shrine then that will suffice. Reggie does so, and Gallahad cures him… though it includes putting a fancy ribbon on his legs.

Zofia prepares to go see the town Priest, so she has a ‘Spa Day’ with Gallahad and Uraki. They make a spa area out of the old well. This seems like the best way to get ready. And they make some very, very fabulous things.

Theo is making a name for herslef by telling stories, while Icare is working on a Brothel for the Glitter Dragons.

Reggie is sneaky sneaky around town and discovers the actions of what looks like some sort of thieves guilds. However, they avoid him and he flees, fearing that he has been suspected. In the form of a cat he comes across the others. There is pointless fiascos… but eventually information is relayed.

Uraki and Reggie go to the bar, while the other two (Gallahad and Zofia) go to speak to Hardcastle.

Zofia makes an offer to the Rayonight priest and asks him, in a round about way, about History and how she can learn about it. He isn’t much of a book ’lern’n person though. He suggest she speak to people from the “Northward Kingdoms”, and mentions the Marquis. However, he doesn’t have much real information. He does however caution her that things are afoot.

Apparently, someone has been recruiting for the Harbinger – Deacon, masquerading as her is apparently recruiting. They go to the location and see a statue of Zsofia. Deacon, who is clearly enamored and obsessed babbles about how Great Zsofia is and theirefor he was using HER image to recruit. They are lead into the back room of a shrine.

Meanwhile, Reggie catches someone trying to steal from Uraki and he stabs them… pinning their hand to Uraki. She puts down her drink and grabs the assailant – a child. Apparently he is recruiting for the church of Zsofia. They capture him and insist that the boy lead them back to the temple. ..

It is all very confusing.

Zsofia doesn’t want to have anything to do with this, and they all suspect that Icare is somehow involved.

Icare decides to go check on his Brothel – named ‘Sparkle Motion’ – but the guy at the door doesn’t seem to recognize him. While he is trying to figure out how to enter, the group approches and they are invited in. Strange. Clearly Deacon, who Icare knows, has been doing some very agrressive recruiting… with an angle towards worshiping Zsofia.

It looks like this business is thriving!

Ikare and Zsofia have decided that Deacon needs to be killed. They meet up in the Alleyway to speak together. Gallahad is privy as well:

There is a long conversation with Gallahad, Ikare, Zsofia, Hardcastle and Decon. They go back and forht and hardcastle makes it clear that he doesn’t trust Icare. However, they are unable to come to a conclusion. What will they do abotu this ownerless thieves guild?

Zsofia decides to go back and pray, but finds Deacon dead from Suicide. She decides to raise him from the dead and make him an official desciple. During the resurection, more spirits come – Oswalde shows up to assist, but so does Icare – who realizes that Zsofia has chosen Deacon over their friendship. Oswalde is lost, but Deacon comes back.

However, it seems like the Brothel has been taken as ‘property’. Several people decide something must be done… but later.



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