Forthalome: To the New World

2016 Session 05: Origins of the Gods, Part 1

D&D (Beyond the Wall) April 24th, 2016
Taken by Sean

The Story Continues

Far, Far, Far in the Past – with a different system – somewhere other than where the current game takes place. Pre-empire. Old gods. A scattered world.

Parn & Sigri were bullied in a tavern. They stood up against those who would besmirch the name of Parn and bested them in a brawl, before sending them down the hill in barrels!

Korbin and Leora accidentally summoned a spirit of Chaos, which they managed to send packing on its own.

Leora and Parn met a night in the forest and broke bread over sharing of stories. The knight is an elf from the land of Loren.

Sigri was fighting with her mother and stomped off into the woods. She ended up as the Watch Tower with Korbin. She vents to him as the sun sets – and then a swarm of birds (Slaughn) descend upon the tower. Sigri manages to drive them away with her shield.

… and so the adventure begins.

Leora is in the forest finding mushrooms at the behest of the Witch. Things are going well, when suddenly the trees exploded with movement as a hoarde of Vultures decend upon her. They wound her before flying away, and she manages to choke one of them too death. She takes the dead vulture and departs – not sure what is going on.

Meanwhile, Parn awakens from a nightmare, finding himself more fatigued than when he went to sleep. The images plauge him but they are just beyond his comprehension.

Sigri and Korbin are on their way to the stump, calling out to any who will come and listen. As they pass the graveyard by the old tree, Korbin notices something out of place. There is… a star in the sky. One that is not normally present. It is the star bearing a demons name (Germauken).

Leora has begun preparing the Vulture to be used, and realizes that the vulture is branded with the info of one of the local farms. She heads towards Parn’s place of work and seeks him out to ask what he knows. Together they make their way towards the center of the town.

People are sort of panicking a little bit, but the party steps forward to try and guide and direct them. They manage to calm them, but at the same time, they don’t have much direction yet. Villamina tries to offer some insight into things.

… the next day.

Korbin decides that the boredom needs to be put at bay – so he is encouraging them to investigate. He runs around and grabs everyone up. Korbin manages to talk to Villamina and not die (Close) and then tries to convince Leora to come with him.

Parn and Sigri notice a wagon traveling up the trail but it’s at a distance.

The group gets together, takes the Ferry, and heads for the Carlton fram. They decide, after some discussion, to try and cut through the village. Sigri feels a call of something from within, some sort of Fae aspect that she can’t quite place – but she smells a whiff of something in the wind as well.

The party considers things, and eventualyl decides to push further onward. The smell seems to be coming from crude stone altar. It has been recently formed, and upon it is a ritual sacrifice! It turns out to be the elvish warrior that Leora and Parn met before.



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