Ungden, Last Son of Deepesthome (deceased)

The last scion of the Deepesthome Dwarves


Ungden was a young dwarf from the Lost Holds of the Old World Frontier. His family lost its name with the fall of Deepesthome, just one more of the many dwarf clans whose fortunes were obliterated with that series of tragedies. After attempting (and failing) to build a new name as a smith in Fabled Forge, Ungden heeded the new call to colonize and explore Forthalome. He brought with him the ancestral signal horn of his clan, hoping to sound its call from the highest peaks of this New World.

Ungden had taken a job as a technician in a survey team sent forth from the satellite colony of Eaststeading. He was slain by the “Rage-born” savages, gutted from throat to groin and torn apart while still alive. He and Onando the Prudent were the first corpses encountered during the raid, and in fact it was his final death scream that led to Ghim Gorimsson’s one-man assault on the lair.

His horn was recovered by Ghim, who has vowed to carry on Ungden’s personal quest.

Ungden, Last Son of Deepesthome (deceased)

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