Infernal Tongue

A Sentient, Blood-thirsty Whip

weapon (ranged)

Mechanically, the Infernal Tongue functions as a wand, with somewhat diminished range.

Damage = D4+Int (D4+3 for Nyll)
Attack = +4 for Nyll

Range = 15/30/45


The tongue is formed from the bone of finger bone of a massive balrog, bound in specially sanctified leather. Even with the bindings, the bone still contains enough innate maliciousness that it continual strives for pain and destruction. The whipping portion is just that – an extension of infernal malice, ever hungry.

Even when dormant, the whip moves almost continually, and it’s long tendril often entwines itself around the wielder’s limbs. When brought to bare in combat it moves of it’s own volition, snaking across the battlefield to strike the wielder’s target. Frequently, the bodies of those facing such an attack are found to be lacking in blood or vital fluids – the whip, after all, takes it’s due.

Infernal Tongue

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