The Knife What Keeps Stabbing

Self-guiding dagger of many stabs

weapon (ranged)
  • Damage: 1D4 (no magical bonus)

When thrown at a living opponent, this magical dagger will repeatedly attack that enemy over and over again until either the target is dead, the knife rolls a natural 1, or someone catches it. It attacks using the original thrower’s attack bonuses. It will fly around and attack and follow the target to the ends of the earth. To catch it, you must make a successful attack roll against the AC of the person who threw it, as that AC existed at the time of the throwing.

If the dagger ever rolls a natural 1, it immediately returns to attack the person who initially threw it, and continues to attack that person until another natural 1 is rolled, or it is caught.

Every time the dagger makes an attack on its own, it also flashes brightly with light. This is merely a visual effect and has no other mechanical effect.


Found in the corpse of the first-encountered bonerfart rage-born, which was covered in stab wounds. The original owner of this knife is unknown.

The Knife What Keeps Stabbing

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