The Vision Bowl

Ancient Scrying Artifact


“Blood and blood, sight beyond sight” is inscribed in Ancients script along the edge of this massive, 3-foot-diameter crystal bowl. Magic-capable users can activate its far-seeing powers by filling it with water, adding a drop of their own blood, and a drop of blood from the person whose eyes they wish to see from.

When thus activated, the water swirls and a cyclone of the mixture rises up from the center, boiling at a point one foot above the surface. The steam from that boiling mixture rises and forms a gaseous three-dimensional vision in the air above the bowl, showing the user what the target is seeing.

If the user imbibes the mixture, he is granted an extended personal self-only vision through his own senses, extending the results to include all five senses. While in this state, the user is completely catatonic, unless they have developed significant skill in mastering the effects.

Additional properties are unknown at this time. It is also unknown whether the details of the vision are from the present, past, or future.


The Vision Bowl

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