Forthalome: To the New World

2015 Session 12: Icare is Dick

September 13th, 2015 – Sean

Allies and Rivals

Allies & Rivals:
- Icare Zofia | Slav
- Ghim | Icare & Slav
- Slav Icare | Ghim
- Zsofia Icare | Slav
- Khiara Slav | Zsofia

Catching up on Last Time…

Who all has come together? 12 PC’s, Ello, Odette, and 10 followers.

The Story Continues…

We stand before the great door/entrance to an ancient citidel. From an unimportant kingdom. A tower also stand nearby, the beacon that drew the party in initially. This area would serve as an excellent staging point for exploring the storm-wracked isle.

Icare tries to open the door with the power of his dark magic. He cannot, however, tell if it can be opened. They decide that maybe going OVER the wall is better. A rope is thrown up and anchored, and Icare presents an illusion to check things. The party then proceeds to climb up to the top and survey the area. The roof seems very secure. Several options are available.

Slav tries to perform an Augury, while meanwhile Zofia rips the grate free with her bare hands. Ghim decides that removing the grates manually is doable. So, he does it. Woot. However, there appears to be a trap. After some testing, they decide their is no trap. Icare and Khiara decend slowly down the chimney. At the bottom there is some sort of hideous creatures, ogrish in apperance, that seems to e trying to get too them.

Icare supports Khiara as she shoots two arrows at the beast. It pops a head out of it’s shoulder and starts freaking out. This creature is strange, strange, strange. It splats it’s head against the wall and climbs up, even as Icare warps down and Khiara falls shooting it even as she is swallowed in it’s mass. The party attacks!

Eventually they destroy the hideous beast, which explodes in a mess of sick grey matter. However, even then it seems to be still living.

Slav performs an act of divine authority and goodness, summoning the long-dead to aid them.

Then, the party begins to inspect the room. There are a variety of murals dipicting humans murdering elves. The massive doors appear to be sealed – permanently. The party searches for a bit – and finds a secret door. Inside they find what appears to be a trophy room. There is some magic armor – but only Icare notices it and he doesn’t say anything.

Beyond that room is a meat locker styled room with lots of things hanging – including 3 dwarves – one of which is the bodyguard of Garm. Then Ghim hears the voice of one of the dead – and after ignorning Gerwalda’s warning, Ghim rushes to see what it is.

There is a dwarf chained to the ground – and he seems to be ttrying to warn Ghim. But it’s another of these aberations! Ghim kills it, and after wards the group decides to bleed everything and see if it has white blood. Gerwalde bleeds white, so the party isn’t sure what to do with her. Much bickering ensues.

Thoughts for Next Time…

  • Icare is Dick
  • Khiara not like Slav
  • What the hell is Gerwallde?
2015 Session 11: Family Reunion

August 9th, 2015 – Sean

Omega Team!

Allies and Rivals

Allies & Rivals:
- Gallahad Theo | Uraki
- Gerwaldde Slav | Reggie
- Pluvius Uraki | Reggie
- Reggie Uraki | Gerwaldde
- Theodosia Gallahad| Uraki
- Uraki Pluvius | Theo

Catching up on Last Time…
We have just escaped the underground army-storage facility.

The Story Continues…
There are refuges that have survived – Gallahad has rescued them, and gathers them together. As it turns out, 3 of them are of his faith. However, the party now stands on a hilltop watching the city burn below. Crash has disapeared – pursuing the bad guy. Gallahad is kinda numb, and wants to go back to the battlefield. Gerwallde explains a little about her friends and why we should go find them.

The party decides to rest, but spend the whole night moving. During the night, a single shaddy elf “Thelayan” manages to prove himself by leading off the trailing lizard. Richard the stoic human died during the nibght, when he tripped and fell behind, before being skeward.

Reggie returns to scout at the behest of Gallahad. He does not reveal much of interest, but comes back and reports to Gallhad that the other Paladin was gone. But… he left markings. The party decides to leave the paladin and head to the south.

Brutal Refuggee – Halfling – Adventuring Butcher – Barstow – Helps Uraki stop the fleeing lizard man.

The party presses onward for the next couple of days, ruggedly moving, before coming to an inspiring vista. They come across a giant statue of Jacob the farstrider. 10-15ft statue, made of DYI concrete. That statue is wrapped in leaves and vines, largely obscured, and the building behind it is totally destroyed. The frozen party members recognize the statue.

Large, Faithful Woman – Strange Mix – Gullable – Gearda – She doesn’t like this idea, but Gallahad and company are able to convine her. Beneath it there is a magical box, and Reggie decides to open it – for which he gets two left feet! Inside are two slippers- and some scrolls. Reggie pockets one of them.

And at last, the party rests!

Gerwaldde and Reggie set a few traps, and then the party departs.

The party sets off and comes across another vista – ancient and foreign. It’s red sand which is turning the ocean red here, with black rocks as well. The party decides to decend down to the beach and take a look. They trudge across the shore, heading towards the ‘red beach’. Turns out they are bugs. We run like hell.

Or, Kinda. Pluvius bubbles himself and starts rolling over them. Reggie turns into a beetle, and Gerwaldde drops a bunch of chicken feed(or maybe feet, it’s unclear). She also throws a molotov cocktail – and discovers that the tar left behind is highly flamible. The beach is now covered in glass. And, as they explore, they find a bunch of gems. The party finds 27 random gems.

That night, the party sees a giant bird fly overhead that night carrying a boat.

The next day they find a trail, which has been marched on by an army of Lizards. Uraki recognies this trail from long, long ago. Gallahad has begun to try and recruit those who are interested. As they travel, they see a tower and some indications that their has been some back and forthl. Reggie and two others start scouting through the forest, while the others advance up towards the tower. They find a rope going upward -

Reggie tries to climb up as a goat. He’s not very good at it. There is a body of a dead dwarf here. But, it has recently been looted. Reggie tries rolling the body down, but it is too far gone. Reggie takes the rope, and leaves Theylan to examine the body. When he starts to take off his pants, Gerwallde hits him with a sling stone. Knockms him out… leave him…


The other group heads up the path, and along the way finds a burned watch tower. A corpse is found here – and then some others. This was a dwarven campsite that has been destroyed. However, there is a tunnel under it as well, which is kind of interesting. There are – tragically – a huge group of make-up wearing dwarves.

Gallahad is really interested in going to check on Theleyhan, . so Reggie Gallahad and Pluvius head back to check on Theleyan. They find him, wake him up… and help him get some pants. Eventually the group joins together once again… and heads off for the tower.

Horezontal Slide Transition to Alpha TEAM

They have reached the Tor at the top, and surveyed the ruins of a massive human settlement. They decided, after some consideration, to stop and rest for the night. Zofia is on watch, and she feels like she is being watched by something beyond the walls. Reggie sweeps in, avoids an illusion (well done), and casts entangle on the tent where Zofia and Nebeln are hidding.

Omega Team atttttacks! Alpha Team is disorganized in their defense. Fortunately, things are stopped before anyone dies. Then there is much hugging and greetings.

Thoughts for Next Time…

We will each choose one for next time. Ghim, Slav, and… who knows?

2015 Session 10: Three Lizards and a Hobbit Walk into a Mind-Meld

July 26th, 2015 – Sean

Omega Team!

Allies and Rivals

Allies & Rivals:

- Gallahad Uraki | Theo
- Gerwaldde Uraki | Theo
- Pluvius Uraki | Reggie
- Reggie Theo | Pluvius
- Theodosia Reggie | Reggie
- Uraki Pluvius | Gerwaldde

Catching up on Last Time…

The GM Decides to discuss Hero/Plot Points. Inspiration is going away because people keep forgetting.
See Page 264 of the DMG for Hero Points. Plot points allow you to add an element that becomes ‘True’. The player to their right gets to add a complication.

Recapping? DM Ops to Skip for now. Refesh about the God Squid and the Kuo-tua.
Re-cap. Uraki has leaped from a tower into a courtyard (after they all had some crazy death march). The courtyard is full of (2-400) lizard soliders. The lizards are attacking the keep, while the Expiditionary force defends it (including magical protection) at the gate. The lizards have lots of guys, and some ‘dire crocodiles’ and spell casters (Shamans?). Except for the keep, the lizard army appears to have overrun the town.
The Current Plan: Scarab of Enraging Enemies – Uraki made about 50 lizards go crazy-town on each other, while Pluvius gave her some magical protection (Hamster ball).

The Story Continues…

Theo and Reggie have beem stuck with the Miconids – where they have learned more about the fungal people. Theo begins to see this group and it’s connection with the ‘everything’. Reggie begins to see the mushroom as an ‘platonic’ lifeform. They meet with the Shaman after waking, and Theo tells of her great story and how she hopes to expand it – which the Myconids seem to approve of. They ask us to remove the dome from the top of their home. Theo and Reggie decide that Fireballs are the way to go about it. They setup the explodo-potion, fireball, and the thunderwave spell. Booom! Mostly Succesful.
Once The two exited, they spotted the other group. Reggie turned into a Rat and let Theo carry him. She wasn’t exactly super stoked about this, but she did it. After a hard march and climb, Theo comes upon a war scene. Reggie sneaks forward to scout – he spots a figure who is also hidding. A female Lizard lady. Neither of them recognize the figure, so Reggie decides to sneak forward.
It appears as though there is some sort of Battle going on, and their ‘Friends’ are already there. Theo and Reggie approach after a brief consideration. As they approach, Reggie finds Crash ‘touching’ Gerwaldde – and they seem to be ‘friends’. She tells Gerwaldee that she needs to get inside the keep. While they are discussing things, a crazy powerful dude begins to destroy the door.

Narrative Army Combat: Summary -

Detailed Combat Notes -

Theo rushes forward to help Uraki – through the sprawling infighting – but she is caught up in the fray. Gallahad finds himself face to face with a Crocasaurus, which he tries to avoid with Sanctuary – which works! Meanwhile, Pluvius Unloads with the magic missle wand – shooting 10 magic missles at the flying badass dragon wizard- but he stops it with a shield. Switch back to Reggie/Gerwaldde/Crash – they go through a magic door – and end up in a burning tower. Meanwhile – Uraki runs over a bunch of people and almost hits Theodocia.
Rounds 2: Theodica uses thunderwave to blast a few of them, scattering lizardmen. Gallgahad casts Shield of Faith, springboards off a cage full of innocent people and leaps towards the pen… only to have the massive beast shoot eletricity and hit Penny with a massive strike of lightning. Pluvius holds his own. Reggie and Gerwaldde decend, but the tower colapses and all three of them tumble towards the ground… crash landings all around. They are now under the keep – and Crash seems to recognize this place. Back on the battlefield, Uraki pushes through, plowing forward in her hamster ball. More crunching. But then she runs into the giant lizard and chops it something fierce!
Round 3: The lizard is distracted by the attack – “fork that mother-fucking thing” – so Gallahad takes an attack, Critically hitting. The lizard ignore the attack and hits Uraki takes the blunt of it’s retaliation, and shrugs it off (mostly). Pluvius Delivers some magic, but arhcers fire on his position and pepper him with arrows. Down below, Theo runs forward to join Uraki and lobs a fireball at the beast. The little ones continue to follow Crash into the darkness, exploring this dark place and come to a great door… that they cannot open. Uraki has a change of heart and decides to flee.
Round 4: Theo is a little shocked to find herself alone… turns to flee… and trips. The lizard decides to squish Theo – which it does. Gallahad tries to save her, leaping on the beast and stabbing it with the trident. It then swats Gallahad with it’s tail and sends him flying. Pluvius sees all of this and decides to GTFO. Reggie feels the suffering of Theo-docious. Gerwaldde tries to cut off Crashes tail – but it is revealed that she is the one who needs to open the door with HER blood. Gerwaldde does not seem to like this plan.


A brief discussion about Gerwalde’s expectation and Slav’s Blood. Meanwhile, Crash explains that this is what Slav needs. Reggie tries to convince Gerwaldde that she should cut herselfr and gets beat up for it. Up above, the gates are blasted with magic and begining to give way – melting with Acid. The lizard hoard is turning towards the gates. Gallahad readies his shield and strikes – but not much – the creature bites him and tramples him – Gallahad goes down as well! Pluvius and Gallahad running away from this clus-ter-fuck. They stop – looking back – and the crocasaurus busts through the wall, coming towards them. Pluvius tries to Banish, and fails, while it crashes into Uraki and does some solid damage. Re

Reggie is still trying to convince Gerwallde that she should use her blood. Gerwallde tries to blink through the wall instead. That fails partially – she ends up in the door, but pops through to the other side. This appears to be a tomb of the lizard people – and there is a giant Iguanadon dinasour here. And also, as it turns out, the bad guys are coming soon…

Uraki gets the dinos attention, but doesn’t stop it and it grabs her. Pluvius steps in with a blast of magic missle fire. Things look bad, but as it goes to swallow Uraki… (“I think I’m fucked at this point.”), she shoves her axe upwards from within his mouth and pierces it’s brain, before ripping her way out through it’s heard.

Gerwalldde hatches a plan to get the door open – she murders the creature guarding the other side and tries to use it’s blood… no dice. So she presses onwrd and fines a platform with some stuff on it… a cabinet with many viles. She can read some of them, but doesn’t really follow all of them. That’s cool though, she startsstealing things – and then mixxing the vial and water (and he saliva) – cooking time! Then – for some reason – she decides to drink the blood. Why not?

Slav’s Mind Jumps into her body! – (Played by Rachel) Using Slave’s knowledge she begins trying to figure out how to solve it. Outside, the two lizards try to buy some time.

Up above, the wounded are drawn together and recesitated. Ello is recovered.

Slav-wallde is trying to decide what to do with the new situation at hand. But she seems to be struggling. Eventually, she manages to take control of a MASSIVE FUCKING EARTH GOLEM. The golem and Reggie ride into battle, while Crash and Slave-wallde close the doors. Then, Gerwalldde is back in her body.

Healing has taken place on the surface. Everyone is badly wounded, but alive and well enough. The battle continues, but they are on the periphery. Networks of communication are opened via comm-shrooms.

Eventually, we decide the following – The Golemn will close the passageway, then take us out, then close off the passage and smash the crystal bowl.

Thoughts for Next Time…

Join Up?!?

2015 Session 09: Attack of the Lizards!

July 12th, 2015 – Matthew

Omega Team!

Allies & Rivals:

(Allies & Rivals were skipped this session since the two problem characters were absent. Everyone got one bonus to start instead)

This session picks up with omega team just as they are swimming away from the fire-bomb as it explodes the tri-octo (ret-con)

It starts with Gerwaldde as the water breathing fungus is fading away; she is drowning. Then she starts to hear a voice in her head, then a magical clawed hand grips her head and is dragging her out of the water. Things get brighter, she starts to see things and realizes that a lizard Nyll is floating next to her in lotus position floating up with her. Liznyll is eating frog legs. She remembers that there is a task that she needs to do in this valley. She breaks the surface, spitting up a world of water and falls back floating on the surface and realizes that her bag is missing. On top of the world ending loss of her bag she is also wearing small childhood halfling clothing grasping her favorite childhood toy. Then she is yanked from the water onto a rocky shore and looking down on her is another lizard ruler, this one is a bit yellower. It tells her to WAKE UP, MORE ARE COMING and she wakes on the shore of the lake in the valley. The shore of the lake is much larger, the lake smaller and along the shore are the shapes of Pluvius, Uraki, and Gallahad.

The top of the ziggurat is now exposed. The walls of the tower are covered in fungus with the crown enveloped in a bubble. The wall damming the lake has been blown away and now the lake has resumed its course as a river toward the ocean. As the group looks around they see smoke billowing from the town on the ridge and at the same time they hear a thunderous

CRACK as the ziggurat topples, with the fungal bubble on top bursting first releasing stuff into the air. The team determines to rush back to the town to save the villagers and their mounts and companions. They assume Theo and Reggie will be fine.

The group huffs it back to the town and reach it by sunset. Gerwaldde stealths it into the burning village and sees tens of lizard soldier people around whom are waiting for another “God” to meet with their current god. She also hears fighting within the runes. On her way out she sees the yellow faced lizard in the forest but decides to not persue them and instead get back to her waiting companions. The group decides to charge into the ruins to save the fighting humans in the ruins. They charge in and begin to saves them

The group initially runs into a battle with three lizard soldiers and quickly dispatch them but raise the alarm in the process. The team comes up with a plan to use Uraki’s warm breeze scarab (The Scarab of Enraging Enemies) to enrage the army, by her jumping into the middle of the horde and using the item. The team waits, a scouting party appears in the initial battlefield and Uraki begins to lead them towards the horde, gathering the dispersed lizard soldiers from the ruins in the process. She comes upon the siege of the fortress of the humans with hundreds of lizard soldiers in the courtyard. She accomplishes this by bounding from ruin-top to ruin-top with winded pluvius miraculously following along. Gallahad and Waldde follow on the ground and the team arrives at the siege at the same time. Uraki jumps from her vantage point screaming and lands in the middle of a horde engraging 50 out of 70 in the horde out of a total of about 500. As Uraki lands a force bubble pushes all the lizard soldiers out of her immediate vicinity as pluvius casts his impervious hamster ball on her. Gallahad sees this, makes eye contact with Captain Alfred on the parapets of the fortress and realizes he must save them.

Gallahad and Waldde arrive on the opposite side of the seige, Gallahad quickly determines that he must save the prisoners and steeds penned nearby and at the same time a mysterious large scaled lizard appears behind Waldde and tells her that “He is a distraction, you must get inside.” Crash is behind Waldde tells her that she must get Crash inside in order to combat the other lizard leader. Crash instructs Waldde to to prep the last molotovs, opens up a dimension door and pulls Waldde through. The Game Ends There

2015 Session 08: How the Thunder Lizard Lost His Groove

June 28th, 2015 -

Alpha Team Returns!!

Allies & Rivals:

- Icare Slav | Ghim
- Nybelln Ghim | Zsofia
- Ghim Chiara | Icare
- Zsofia Ghim | Nybelln
- Chiara Ghim | Icare
- Slav Icare | Icare

When last we left The Adventurers, we were on a boat after losing Crash in the dungeon.
Fast forward through the voyage.

Arrival at the Expeditionary Camp. A week has passed here.
We came across a pod of the sea creatures that we saw in our very first
session, living in the ocean.

We set out with two boats, a bout of syphilis (?) hit the other boat and they
had to turn back.

Sally grew a mouth.

We saw many ruins, a network of old civilizations.

We saw a giant fire from a big black plume of smoke from inland while we
passed, don’t know what it was.

We see a beach! We get out at the beach. The Marquis stays on the boat.
He sends two representatives, Anna the Asset Management Specialist, sword
& board, and Wedge, claymore-guy. Slav starts giving them orders, this is
a comfortable dynamic for them. Also the orders correspond with those of
the Marquis.

Note, it’s been four weeks since Icare’s vision.

We sense a storm, Zsofia tells us that it will pass. We see wood ship-debris,
but we none of us are experts. Icare goes a-huntin’ for treasure. Chiara
uses her senses to detect undead.

Rachel wants to turn Sally the doll into a familiar for Nybelln. For now,
Sally must content herself with following Icare with her eyes as he searches
for things that she (& Nybelln?) already sense.

Working together, Icare assists Zsofia in her search of the beach. This
debris is old – very old – at least a few hundred years old. Zsofia
recalls something about a Cape Jane Mercantile expedition which went
missing. We probably found one of their ships. Note: Omega team worked
for this company in the past!

Chiara can scent a dragon in the distance, as well as the Fae, familiar from
before when we fought the faerie at the Fort. Also senses a fiend.

Icare trying to get Anna to dig up the beach (??) to find treasure & not
tell the Marquis, it doesn’t work. Icare personally declares that Anna
will get her comeuppance for not listening to him.

Ghim rallies the team. Based on Ghim’s notes and Chiara’s coastal expertise,
they locate the camp within a couple hours. The trail leads north up the
coast – this could become the Coastal Road. They find a burnt watchpost.
Icare finds an arm caught in the watchpost when he pokes it.

Icare has a feeling that in about twenty seconds, they will encounter a
sight that will disturb Ghim, and Slav and Icare decide not to say anything.
Icare sees dwarf-shaped burn marks, and when he looks up into the hills
sees a big round tower, a few miles away.

Chiara can tell that the tracks of many many Slavs came through here (not
Slav). Beyond is a Gorimssen camp that is no more. 3w-old blood spatter
on the ground, this place has been trampled and torched.

Ghim attempts to identify bodies, Chiara helps, Nybelln sets up a series of
rocks and stones, along with some pretty crystals which seem to have come
out of nowhere, and Nybelln begins flipping bodies so they are face up,
and cleaning their faces, putting makeup on them and dressing their faces
for death/burial ceremony.

Slav saw a vision of this. The other Lizard people torched this encampment.
Other major Lizard person woke other lesser lizard people to torch this.
Slav says “this looks like the work of my people, but very undiplomatic.
We should have enslaved them instead.” Only dead present are dwarves.

Ghim is able to figure out which of the structures was his brother’s. Finds
no body of his brother. Finds a false floor, dwarf-sized crawlspace below.
Finds a chest in the crawlspace. The chest can open with the family signet
ring which – ba-bam! – Ghim has! Opens the right half of the chest. Finds
record-keeping books, one of them is a journal, one is accounting, one is
written in cypher. Amber monkey figurines, one fragile tiny brass key, and
one old key which smells like cinnamon.

Icare is going to root thru the tents. He finds heavy footfall, and a
trap that has been sprung, a mechanism to take out whoever may have tried
to sneak up on the camp. Below, there are cracks leading to a cave.

Gorm wrote some notes about the fort, made plans to begin expedition after
securing perimeter. They encountered some kind of many legged arachnid,
lost two people. This was a human structure. The fort was burned when Gorm
and co found it. Icare finds Stuff that he is probably not going to share
with people ;-) and then gets himself stuck 35f down the cliff.

Zsofia starts to panic, “where’s Icare?!” Icare is stuck

Ghim looks around, finds the place where Icare climbs down, slides down the
rope, falls down, takes 18damage!! :(

Chiara tries to see if she can track Icare, she can’t. Nybelln ventriloquys
Sally into wanting to go into the tunnels. Sally likes tunnels.

Something is stalking the tree that Icare is in! It is one of the Iguanadons
which he blew a dart up the ass of, once. Ghim looks at the map his brother drew,
heads back to camp.

Icare uses the blowdart, rolls a natural 1, and the dart becomes BEES which then
attack Icare. He does a reflex save, makes it, but takes 17 damage and passes

Chiara lights a fire. How insensitive. A beacon fire is lit as a result
of an arm-wrestling contest between Chiara and Zsofia.

Icare is trying to escape the wretched bees lol so he falls, and then shadowsteps
40 feet down, safely. Runs toward-ish the camp.

Slav sleeps, Nybelln sleeps, Ghim stays awake.

Icare successfully hides from the iguanadon. Is not allergic to bees. Is
able to zero in on the beacon, gets back ~few hours before sunrise. Chiara
heals him, and Icare THANKS HER. WHAT. WOW.

Slav repairs the rope down into the tunnel. The party takes the long
way around to the tunnel. There is rustling in the brush !!! THE IGUANADON

Iguanadon kills Anna immediately, so Nybelln peaces out with Rope Trick,
which lasts for an hour. From up there she sees the party wipe the Ig out,
and then Slav frightens the rest of the small lizards away. Slav has learned
to dominate/intimidate/command lizards.

The dwarves looped back around & met the road, then some went to the tower, then
one went north.

2015 Session 07: I Can't believe You're Not All Dead yet

2015-05-24 Forthalome DnD Notes, logged by: Sean and then Matthew

Step 1 : Recap and Suspense Reduction
Gerwalda – Uraki/Theo
Uraki – Reggie/Theo
Theo – Reggie/Galahad
Reggie – Uraki/Galahad
Galahad – Uraki/Theo

Ally – Give Inspiration AFTER a roll
Rival – Take a roll and ‘bank’ it

How do we keep fungus from growing on them? Bardic Inspiration, Paladin Protection and Lots of Rags
Theo remembers a song about the food of the mushroom people. After some conversation, we decide that Theo is going to talk, and Gallahad is going to escort her. Gerwalda is really, really, really knowledgeable about makign silk scarves.

Crossing a spike pit, gallahad thinks he succeeded wonderfully (nat 20 x2) but that feeling disappeared (theo and reggie stole the 20s) and then epically failed in crossing. Tentacles burst out from the pit and dragged him into the pit and a battle ensues. After the battle uraki searches the pit and finds some more poop feathers, disk blades, unusual weapons, and pouches of shineys.

The group approaches the door that looks remarkably like a human body part that the group has been forbidden to make jokes about, but everyone knows that Icare would be well suited to tackle this challenge. Gallahad and Theo go through the door together to try to engage the mushroom people in diplomacy and encouter the screaming mushrooms. They wait with the screaming mushroom for the mushroom people. They don’t come and they decide to move deeper in search of the target. They find some mushroom people to entreat with. The discussion goes well, they tell of their own struggle against the shade creatures (Kwatwah?) and the negotiate safe passage through the mushies home along with an escort. They go back and retrieve the rest of the party. Gallahad is now the speaker of the plants.

The group begins their escorted walk through the mushies home. They find that the dragon people were around along with the mushies at some point. The mushies soon find that the team is trustworthy so they loosen up a bit. The mushies tell of their history and as it turns out everyone was in a hullucinogenic sleep, and the team figures out how to wake up. Gallahad finds some finely tipped spears, and a slav lizard skull with gems embedded in it’s eyes and teeth. Gerwalde donates a topaz to identify the broken staff.

The Skull of Nihiljorithex the Traitor – NihilJorithrex chose to awaken his god that took part in world changing events 3000 years ago. They were one of three traitors, but they were named the traitor. It is a 13th level wizard in a box. When the weilder evokes the the name, it casts a random spell from that knowledge base. when this happens the wielder can then cast that spell again. Each time the wielder uses it the percentage chance of releasing Nihiljorithrex.

EVeryone decides to ingest the water breathing fungus, Theo and Reggie permanently grow fungal gills everyone else just grows gross boogers around their nose and now we can breathe under water!

The team ventures forth beyond the exit of the mushie home and find a honeycomb network of spherical rooms (much like Alpha’s fortress) where they encounter their first kwatwah. A montage like thing ensues as we enter into the sunken part of the temple and eventually find the last chamber which is at the bottom of the mushies bridge column. Montage end

The team encounters the kwatah boss and in the bottom of the pit is a three beaked giant octopus spewing the shadow poison that they sought to end. A demoralizing battle ensues in which pluvius saves the team multiple times and reggie crafts a fire-potion bomb in order to esssplode the tri-octo monster. after much fighting Reggie has set us up the bomb and the team begins to retreat in anticipation of the devestating explosion. Theo launches a fireball at the bomb it hits…

The bomb explodes dealing 1600 damage to the tri-octo. As the group is retreating Pluvius signals to get close to him as he plans to cast web around the group to sheild them from the blast…

Everyone but gallahad made it to the web at the end and the group wakes in the dream with the mushies. The physical bodies are all in comas, but they all be having a good time in the dream. The amount of XP is epic and omega group survives plus two levels….

(everyone still has to level up their characters from 6 to 8

Also I think Pluvius rolled some crazy crits and learned Pluvius’s underwater Diving Bell

2015 Session 06: Them Ol' Screaming Mushroom Blues

April 26th, 2015 – Corinne

Omega Team!!

Allies & Rivals:
Reggie +Pluvius, -Gerwaldde
Theadosia +Reggie, -Gerwaldde
Gerwaldde +Uraki, -Theodosia
Pluvius +Reggie, -Gerwaldde
Uraki +Gerwaldde, -Gerwaldde
Galahad is absent :(

At the owlbear cave. Feel a draft coming from within the cave. Reggie and Gerwaldde decide to throw coins
to signify the threat level.

Coin threat level:
Copper, It’s all clear – Silver, minor threat – Gold, major threat, – Platnium, Oh shit threat

Cave slopes gradually. Party has to climb down the cramped natural cave.

Reggie and Gerwaldde smell a sweet smell. Reggie tosses a copper back to the rest of the party. The group proceeds.

Uraki recognizes the scent as fungal, plant like.

Gerwaldde estimates it will take half a day to clear the rubble.

Uraki wants to be the best at moving rocks, Pluvius, Galahad help. Gerwaldde directs moving rocks.

Theodosia is writing a song about owlbears outside.

The rocks are cleared after an afternoon.

  • Lunch ** – Peppered owlbear meat skewers in ‘egg sauce’ (or hollandaise).

Reggie tells the party that the vegetation is poisonous, ‘do not touch!’ The poison is typically used to crush into
a paralytic powder. Putting a bandana over your nose should be enough to prevent the poison.

The party wraps their faces to prevent the poison.

When Pluvius casts his light, the fungus responds by faintly glowing. The light spreads down the cave and the glow

“Uraki is dumber than a box of hair”

Reggie and Gerwaldde climb down the cave cliff, tied to a rope. Reggie and Gerwaldde have a ‘moment’ where they both
realize they are both criminals and work together well.

They find a spiked pit at the bottom. They find a long dead corpse of an owlbear on the spiked pit. The body is
covered in gross fungus that has released spores. Reggie recognizes the fungus on the corpse is long dead.

There are stepping stones to get across the spiked pit.

Pluvius casts feather fall and Uraki throws the party across the spiked pit and they gracefully float across.

The second pit looks like it was formed by some sort of earthen magic. The vegetation is growing thicker as the
party decends.

There is a giant plant sphincter that is blocking the passage. It seems to be producing gas as it opens slightly.

Pluvius casts light on a blow gun dart that is shot at the plant, which is absorbed.

Player characters cannot refrence buttholes for the rest of the session.

The party decides to tie a rope to reggie and have him crawl through. He comes out through three feet of sludge.
There is a carved cave on the other side. There is screeching from the other side. There are two massive mushrooms
on the other side with diamond like holes that are screaming.

The party pulls the mushroom cap through the membrane.

Uraki punches through the seal and rips it open and KOs the screaming mushroom.

The passage leads to some steps of an alcove. The passage opens up into a cyllender with bridges crossing below
and across.

“Why use a rock when you have a half-orc”

Reggie and Uraki have a whispering argument in the middle of the bridge. Uraki wonders why the mushrooms are getting
closer and asks if Reggie thinks that the mushrooms know if we killed them.

When Gerwaldde comes out to the middle of the bridge, the air seems to change and Reggie and Gerwaldde start trippin’
balls. Uraki carries them back to the rest of the party. Pluvius makes the web to hope to stop the airflow. The
mushrooms are obviously coming towards the party.

They leave the cave to take a rest. They pile owlbear corpses in front of the cave. Gerwaldde burns the hankerchiefs
that are soaked in wet mold.

The party questions the logistics of the mushrooms being ‘mushroom people’.

As the party wakes up, there is a film covering the tiny hut. They decide to throw a bedroll outside of the hut.

Pluvius casts remove curse upon Gerwaldde and she drops the guitar pick of mediocrity, and the cursed dagger.

Theodosia casts dancing lights inside the cave to check for mushrooms. She is terrified to find a mushroom inside
the cave and she starts screaming. Her scream matches the scream of the mushroom when it starts screaming.

They eat breakfast and throw rocks at the mushroom to trigger the alarm.

They enter the cave and there is no more mold in the cave.

“We spent the whole morning terrified of a screaming mushroom”

Terrified that their stuff may be infected with fungus, they desperately set all their stuff out in the sun.

Pluvius casts alarm on the entrance of the cave. They plan to send Galahad for help and then enter the cave and
talk to the ‘smart’ mushrooms or kill them with fire.

2015 Session 05: Epic Flexing

March 8th, 2015 – Sean

Omega Team!!

Allies & Rivals:
Reggie +Galahad, -Gerwaldde
Theadosia +Pluvius, -Gerwaldde
Gerwaldde +Uraqi, -Galahad
Galahad +Uraqi, -Gerwaldde
Pluvius +Reggie, -Galahad
Uraqi +Galahad, -Gerwaldde

Nathanael gives a brief lesson on how to troubleshoot the touch pad. Huzzah
Reggie gets a death boon – 5% chance of gaining immunity, when exposed to a poison or toxin

<afternoon />
Galahad cures Reggie of the addiction! Reggie realizes how addicting it is, and advises Galahad. Then he tries to cure Theodosia – fails. They discuss leaving in the middle of the night – Theo and Gerwaldde try to sneak off, but are noticed by Galahad (and partially by Reggie). Galahad admonishes them that this is NOT the way – They need to be thoughtful of Hero-Wisdom. Reggie persuades Gerwaldde to stop … with some paralytic poison.
The group decides to camp, and Galahad tries to convince Gerwaldde to stay – but is unsuccesful.
Still, they give Gerwallde a bit of a make-over while she is paralyzed and tied up, and the group sleeps in Leomond’s Tiny Hut. Or tries to – Gerwaldde isn’t very happy – negotiation.

“You are threating me with Shitting myself -” Gerwaldde

(Negotiation takes long enough that even Nathanael thinks it’s gone on too long.)

Uraqi has seen few animals approach. Much lower than during the day/sunset. However, she notices the darkness moving across the way. She also hears a splash from somewhere. She tries to show it to Gerwaldde – same thing. The two decide to go check on it, and leave the dog to guard. 15-20 minutes into the walk, they feel like their is a shadowy fog around them. Later still, it becomes even thicker – and it carries the scent of shadow-bacon. Mmmmm, so delicious. So, they press onward – just a little further, Gerwallde decides…

Then, Gerwallde gets a compulsion to go back to the rocky outcropping. They can barely see the water from here – Gerwallde wants to dive… “You’re being real creapy” – Uraki tries to convince her using her sweet, sweet 9 Charisma… but insists that she won’t let her jump. Force is involved. They walk down, Gerwaldde jumps in – Uraki jumps in after her and rescues her. They return to camp…

… and Uraki wakes Gallahad by caressing his hair.

(It is determined that Leomond’s Tiny hut is periwinkle blue)

Galahad cures Gerwaldde – but she is NOT happy about it. Pluvius casts indentify on the potions – extra burning. He gives them back to Reggie, and he offers to repay Pluvius with a pearl. Galahad then tries to cure Theodosia – she resists… but gropping ensues, and she continues to resist, until at last he manages to heal her. It is the most erotic healing session ever.

Breakfast is blesssssed by Gallahad. Purified!

The party then circumvents the lake, to get a good feel for things, and then heads back to the Owlbear cave. There are many signs of evil as we draw closer to the owlbear cave.

<eve />
We setup camp at the boulderfield. Nothing happens during the night. Massive Ivory Tusks were found.

- Slivvered heart fillet in a potato-mushroom gravey, served with a side of Enlarged Land-Oysters. And Coffee. -
Everyone loves it. Right? Right!

Party sets off for the cave of the OwlBear. (2 Hour Hike)
- players get derailed for a while -
“No more bullying us with your screaming when we tie you up.”

A plan is created for scouting – the thieves will communicate with thieves can’t, and throw coins back to indicate threat. Several corners are rounded, as the party goes down. Stench begins to fill the air. Reggie murders a baby Owlbear, then rushes back to warn the party – Gerwaldde follows, ready to attack. Reggie warns the party (Kill all the babies!).

Momma owlbear appears, charging Galahad the Valiant. He attacks and hits, sticking it with the trident. Reggie rushed forward, stabbing the beast, even as Theodosia healed the paladin. Gerwaldde realized that her weapon is cursed… when she failed to attack with it. Uraki charges forward, slashing it with her Battle Axe. Finally, Pluvius joins in the fray, blasting it with a Magic Missle and blows it into tiny pieces! Huzzah!

But more are comming – Daddy rushes forward and swats at Uraki and Galahad, but to no avail! Theodocia lands a fireball on a group of babies rushing forward! But then the baby owelbears ovverrun the party – Gallahad is hit, Uraki is Hit, Gerwaldde is hit, much pain is had! The PAIN! Fur and feathers everywhere.

Gerwallde then goes crazy and murders the hell out of one Owlbear baby. Pluvius Fireblasts the last one.

“no, no, thats a one time stab.”

Reggie stabs, then falls back. Theodocia the bard sings a song of stabbing – with her sword. Gallhad Smites the owlbear – but then the owlbears swarm again, slashing and murdering with avian claws and beaks. Gerwaldde makes sure to stab one that has been burnt, it goes down. Uraki sticks on Big Pappa, taking him down! Eagerly, she takes a bite out of it’s heart.

“As you gnash into the owbear’s heart…”

Pluvious blasts out another swarm of magic missles – blowing up another owl bear. Then Reggie cuts one up real bad… dead. Theodosia gropes Galahad some more under the pretense of ‘healing him, while he stabs another cub. Owlbear cubs are going crazy, but haven’t take anyone down. Gerwalda contionues to fight valiantly, while the barbarian shows her how it’s done – murdering TWO.

Reggie helped take one d own, Gerwaldde stabbed herself. Theodosia Heals Gerwaldde’s self-inflicted wounds. Galahad rips the intestines out of his, with the trident. Undaunted, the owlbear babies attack like mad. Gerwallde, eager to draw some more blood attacks like crazy – but doesn’t drop it. Uraki continues to slaughter, dropping another… leaving one, on Gerwaldde… but Galahad takes it out, and an angry Gerwaldde stabs the crap out of heself.

Owlbear looting happens -

2015 Session 04: Descent into the Valley of Shadows

February 22nd, 2015 – J-Dub

Omega Team!!

Allies & Rivals:
Reggie +Gerwaldde/-Theadosia
Theadosia +Galahad/-Reggie
Gerwaldde +Reggie/-Theadosia
Galahad +Theadosia/-Reggie
Pluvius +Theadosia/-Galahad
Uraqi +Reggie/-Theadosia

Valley, vista, lake whose water is not disturbed by wind

The mayor is outfitting the party with rations and human beer.
Going forward to clean out shadow beasts – Galahad and Uraqi lead the way, finding a shortcut through a ravine

Party makes their way through the ravine with Ello and Odette. Bringing Lazarus, Vex (the dog), and Penny.
Ello and Vex hang out together.

Reggie’s Death Boon is a 4th Failure save

Galahad notices the Owl-Bear cave and we are able to avoid it. And the loot.
Reggie sneaks up to remains and finds a colorful blue ribbon for Galahad, and some other loot.

We sally forth at Galahad’s discretion to our campsite in the woods. Find a lean-to with a view of the lake.

During the night, Galahad sees movement on the water, and wakes Gerwaldde to check it out. Just rain.

The Bad News Adventurers awaken, eat kitten paws for breakfast and begin discussing the
disturbing nature of the lake, as an animal trumpeting sound interrupts. We begin circling the lake
in the direction of the animal sound. Galahad realizes the lake
resonates evil/alienness.
Galahad and Uraqi begin skipping boulders…
After several ridiculous experiments, Pluvius notes that he believes the lake to have something to do with the
Shadow Cats.
We begin to make our way toward the screeching sound, Galahad leading the way…when Theadosia gets a premonition
of something huge headed our way. Thrashing of sound as something rushes toward us.
Reggie races towards the woods, dives in, and…jumps into the path of a hairy tusked shadowy Mastodon which steps on
Gerwaldde belts a stone at the monster.
More shadow cats appear as they were chasing the mammoth.
Thea dispels the dark magic on the Mastodon which washes over Reggie
The Mastodon attacks the shadow cat closest to him and Gerwaldde takes out the shadow cat, the darkness is slurped up
by the Mastodon. One of the lions whose magic was dissipated, runs away.
Thea dispels magic on the last lion as Galahad attacks.
Reggie sees a downed shadow lion and sticks his head in the animal to absorb the shadow magic.
The mastodon begins charging toward the water. Thea casts fireball on the poor creature.
We decide to let it go.

After the creatures all leave, we decide to inspect the lake – Reggie drinks from the lake…continues drinking,
says it makes him feel better. Galahad casts Zone of Truth and asks Reggie why he is drinking the water. Reggie admits
his addiction to shadow dust.

The party gets to a watering hole and some of the party decides to speak to the shadow fucking animals, and Gerwaldde,
Galahad and Theadosia go to explore the area.

Exploration – like a safari type experience. Nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Gerwaldde does find a cliff with a valley view – gets a glittering view of a structure down in the water & reptiles
swimming around.

Animal Chat – Uraqi has trouble finding an animal to talk to. Spoke to a cougar – it said it goes up and back and forth
and up walls.

Pluvius has a vision of the past, the lizard people’s rise and fall, and this particular lake. At some point,
something has broken – a thing on display, this thing is still down there.

Reggie steps into the water and tries to drown himself, Uraqi jumps in after him.

As she pulls Reggie up, he is being consumed with the blackness. As Galahad tries to cure Reggie,
Reggie attacks him.
Gerwaldde stabs him with his own cursed blade and takes him down. Gerwaldde now has the cursed blade.
Theodosia and Gerwaldde are super strong and addicted, Galahad is only strong.

Reggie wakes up and everyone is flexing.


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