Forthalome: To the New World

2015 Session 03: Dark Times at Camp Alfred

(to be copied from session notes)

February 8th, 2015 – RK

Jeanne is making a new character, Talaedra had “stuff” to do in the woods,

We’ve come onto a town: Camp Alfred, where more and more are gathering
all the time. Dangerous lands, townsmembers are used to colonists.
Rather ramshackle – few permanent structures.

She was with a small group, conscripted into military service. Her
heart’s not really in the military. Ambition is finding The Great
Hero about whom to write the Greatest Song. 19 or 20. Is hired for
her musical abilities, is a poet, singer & storyteller. Occasionally
writes epics for her bread.

Gallahad’s out of this round (matt’s sick today). Colonel Alfred is
rather taken with Gallahad and whisks him off to do Paladin things

Urraki goes & talks some shit with the soldiers, starts fights, etc

Theodosia is just about out of money which is why she’s at Camp Alfred.
SHE HAS A BAG OF HOLDING, possessive & needs to be coaxed to give items

At the tavern, Pluvius is drinking, Theodosia’s performing, Reggie is
picking pockets, Gerwaldde is playing dice, Urraki’s starting fights.

Gerwaldde fleeced the shit out of the town and not only recuperated
the costs of carousing (4g/d), but also 140g more. Reggie made a little
money, & Pluvius made an enemy of the cook after trying to light-heartedly
make fun of the food.

Theo is very interested in the tales of Ghim and the lair of the
basilisk, so we are following the trail of Gorm Gorimssen.

Most people plan to get a room except Reggie, the dog-lizard.

SUDDENLY, about to disperse for the evening, the group hears a cry! The
door flies open to a man being ripped apart by horrible shadow creatures!
Three facts about the creatures!
1 – They come in the night & steal the townsfolk
2 – Darkness congeals around them
3 – Fire only makes them stronger
4 – (learned afterward) Weak to light

Theodosia rallied ~50 townspeople to fight with us!

We killed four beshadowed mountain lions. The military thanks us for
our assistance & starts to triage wound victims. Reggie helps kill all
the people who are suffering & won’t make it with an amazing CHA roll.

Pluvius, Reggie & Urraki all inhaled shadowstuff. Reggie had an itchy,
twitchy, nonrestful night of sleep due to addiction of shadowstuff.
Reggie is now heavily addicted to shadowstuff. Pluvius is minorly
addicted. Urraki was fine after a night’s rest. Gallahad killed 1 too.

Urraki separated out the mountain lions which had been shadow-taken.

Pluvius noticed that bc door was blown off, doorframe was warped
unnaturally into a circular shape. Something about that ability shapes

Gallahad and Theodosia have a charisma-off – they’re both megababes.

Gerwaldde is convinced by Gallahad to pay for breakfast. He’s so

We’re escorted to another giant many-spherical-roomed fortress which is
a bit denser and smaller. We meet with the Colonel, he praises our
efforts of the previous evening and implores us help him in the valley
where lie these shadow beasts. Reggie is weird and rude to the Colonel.
We’re going to go rout out the shadows.

2015 Session 02: Dealing with Furry-time

(copied from notes)

January 25th, 2015 – CS

Alpha Team:

The party, having defeated the necromancers and their undead horde, discuss how to proceed from there.

Ghim: Chiara / Nibelln
Nibelln: Slav / Zsofia
Zsofia: Chiara / Nibelln
Slav: Ghim / Chiara
Icare: Zsofia / Slav
Chiara: Ghim / Slav

Inspiration: Ghim, Nibelln, Slav, Chiara

Loot from necromancers and zombies:

Gorgeous War flail – intricately etched with dwarven runes, covered with dried caked blood

- Ancient dwarven war flail – +3, plays music as it hits. Heroic weapon, war flail of Hjorvard the last
Blood Skald. For it to work for the day, it must be ritually anointed in the fresh blood of the living

Handful of rings and jewelry

3 scrolls of animate dead
1 scroll of raise dead
2 scrolls of inflict wounds

The group decides, with night time quickly closing in on them, to leave Chiara in the large chamber for the night, while the rest of the group keeps watch outside.

Ghim, Zsofia, and Chiara move the zombie’s corpses out into the hallway, and Nibelln, Slav, and Icare are looting the bodies while Icare and Slav argue. Nibelln takes the necromancer’s hand.

Ghim and Zsofia start destroying the zombie’s corpses, while Chiara does her best to put rubble in front of the door. Suddenly they all realize; “Where’s Krash?”

Chiara discovers Krash is in there with her, and tries to alert everyone, but they are unable to hear her. Krash tries to communicate with Chiara, who is resisting the urge to change.

Chiara remains in control of her actions as she changes, but she will not remember what occurs after she wakes up.

Due to the carnage, right outside the door to the chamber is unsuitable to use as a campsite.

There’s a good camp site a bit farther back, but there’s a pit impeding the party’s path to it.

Icare and Nibelln make their way to the other side, and help everyone across. We set up camp and settle in for the night.

On Ghim’s watch, he notices three two-headed jackal like creatures slinking towards the camp. Ghim wakes everyone up, and Zsofia chains them to the ground with Chains of the Deep.


Zsofia blasts the jackals with a shatter spell! One runs away, the other two leap across and engage the party. Everyone makes quick work of the jackals, with Icare and Zsofia landing the finishing blows. 7 more come, and Zsofia uses a gust of wind spell to knock them all into the pit.

The party makes their way back to the chamber, and the doors are wide open with the defensive runes activated.

There’s no obvious signs of anyone entering or leaving.

Chiara wakes up in one of the side rooms, not remembering what happened. There is blood smeared on her
hands and face.

The doorway is no longer covered in zombie goop, and is glowing with a blue light.

Chiara tries stepping through the doorway, and is not harmed by the defensive runes. The blood smeared on
her glows a blue light as she steps through, and it becomes clear they are runes painted on her with blood.

Krash is nowhere to be found!

Slav discovers that the necromancer was following the god Uchorah-Thanaphor, who is considered number one and must never be awoken. The symbol that Chiara found carved on her son is the symbol of this god.

The party makes its way out of the caverns back to Huevigg, who comments on the party’s tardiness.

Slav brings up that there’s two options that make sense at the moment; either to leave and venture after Ghim’s brother, or to continue exploring the caverns.

Icare plants a pearl on Huevigg for some reason.

The party decides to leave the caverns and go elsewhere, and everyone levels up to level 6!

We make it back to our fort and drop off some supplies, and find out that Panner’s Hollow has exploded with wealth!

Ghim goes forth to negotiate an expedition to where they last heard his brother, Garm Gorimsson, was seen.
Ghim’s using the Gorimsson’s name and his past merchant experience, and some help from Slav, in his

Ghim manages to find a pair of ships trying to find interest on doing an exploratory venture, and
the Vallentrellis family puts up a significant amount of money to help finance the expedition, with the
Marquis Emile Vallentrellis tagging along.

7,000 gold has been invested into the party by the Marquis.

Slav meets up with the self respecting Gerrymanderer, and they have a long conversation.

Ghim invests in the copper mine claim a total of 1,750 gold. 1,000 of his gold, 500 of Chiara’s,
and 250 from Icare.

Zsofia spends 500 gold on creating a shrine to her new god.

Slav invests 1,000 gold into the keep.

Chiara is investing 500 gold into growing the town.

Icare is buying a building for 2,000 gold.

Icare spends 100 gold defending his future brothel.

Zsofia and Nibelln go carousing, and Zsofia falls in love with Deekin the kobold.


2015 Session 01: Back from the Holidays

(copied from the game notes)

January 11th, 2015 – CK
The party heads back down into the pit to find the necromancers that killed Chiara’s son.

Ghim: Icare – Rival | Chiara – Ally
Nibelln: Icare – Ally | Zophia – Rival
Zophia: Nibelln – Rival | Ghim – Ally
Slav: Icare – Rival | Nibelln – Ally
Icare: Zophia – Ally | Slav – Rival
Chiara: Ghim – Ally | Nibelln – Rival

Krash is noticibly nervous about going down into the pit. Going down into the pit, the group finds
signs of undead activity. The party stumbled into a next of the undead. There are a nest of ancient

There is a mass of undead with the symbol of the necromancers. The party has sealed themselves behind a door when running from the horde of undead. There is a long vaulted hallway with doors smashed open similar to the hallway where the group teleported before. The rooms in which had weapons in the other hall, have tools in this one. The pillars are smashed and contain eggs. One of the rooms spirals upwards and water drips from the ceiling.

Nibelln casts wraith form to try to go into the cracks in the ceiling. She gets through the cracks in one of the walls and see more undead heading towards the hallway.

In the hallway, Krash seems to has mysteriously disappeared. Slav and Ghim prepare the hallway for combat.
Krash is depressed by the fate of her people and generally dislikes that we are “Arming the Food.”

The group fights the army of undead. There is a bolt of lightning that comes down the hallway during the fight. An undead thunder lizard joins the battle! The party aptly destroys the undead horde, one of the necromancers turns invisible and seems to have escaped.

They decide to stay in the hall for the night and lock Chiara in one of the side rooms. Slav tells Krash that Chiara has inflicted a curse upon herself.

Chapter 08: A Tale of Two Parties

Scenes and Events

A Week of Omens and Change

- Afwanne is stunned to see them suddenly reappear back home.
- A NEW PARTY MEMBER JOINS! A Svirfneblin Illusionist… clown?
- Slav remembers much, much more (but not all) about his former life, including his true name, title, and purpose.
- Zsofia receives continued visions of another deific force, a nameless sea god who calls to her from the storms off the coast.
- Icare’s fence Rodolfo attempted to strong-arm him into a protection racket. Icare went “poof” and planned to kill him.
- Icare, Chiara, (svirf), and Zsofia lay the groundwork for the eventual establishment of the Glitter Dragons Thieves Guild, by carrying out a daring midnight raid on Rodolfo’s office, and murdering him and most of his crew.

Story Section

- thing that happened
- thing that happened

Story Section

- thing that happened
- thing that happened

Story Section

- thing that happened
- thing that happened

Party Roster

Team Alpha

  • Galahad, a human paladin who personifies the glory of Fabio
  • Gerwaldde, a halfling bandit who is once again forcefully thrust into the company of new people
  • Pluvius, a booksmart but clueless human Abjurer
  • Reggie, a kobold assassin rogue with a weird affectation for coins
  • (elf druid)
  • (half-orc shaman)

Team Bravo

  • Chiara
  • Ghim
  • Icare
  • Slav
  • Zsofia
  • (svirf clown)

Loose Threads

Portents of the Future

  • The nameless sea god is calling Zsofia to the islands off the near shore. What secrets lie within?
  • Slav intends to reach his sleeping former comrade and wake them. Is this wise?
  • Icare has begun paving the groupd for a new Thieves’ Guild. But will he succeed? And what of his other rivals, those who tried to execute him back in New Thissenford?
  • Chiara has but one more week until the next full moon. Will the team be able to restrain her hunger? Or will they resort to the curing brew? Do they even know that it really works?

NPCs Encountered

New Creatures and Enemies

Misc Loot of Note

Interesting New Facts and Tidbits

Chapter Rewards

Death’s Door


Group Rewards

Individual Bonuses

Chapter 07: The Trek Continues! (Eaststeading to the Grand Ravine)

Scenes and Events

Leaving Town

- hired Vernando

Back on the Trail, Part 1

- encountered the Murder of Crows (and gulls) over a field of bleached white bones
- encountered the ancient god obelisk

The Smugglers’ Cove

- found a hidden smuggler’s cave
- ello and vernando were able to climb down and secure a way up and down
- found crab men inside!
- smugglers approached… slav managed to take out several of them before they even reached the cave, through clever use of utility spells
- cleared out part of the cave and killed some smugglers, but had to vacate due to rising tide.
- fired Vernando, but let him keep the boat

Back on the Trail, Part 2

- thing that happened
- fell into a pit! RIP two horses (but the pony survived! what a trooper!)
- fought eight Quillback Saurians (new)

The Ancient Waterfall Complex

- weird mysterious teleporter doors! Only Slav can operate them
- seven spirals of wide stairs, trapped to collapse
- a glorious passage extends underneath the waterfall
- Icare’s “oops” alerts the guardian basilisk
- fight!
- collapse the stairs to bury the poisonous corpse!
- Ghim digs a tunnel through the rubble…
- Encounter with the “Tunnel of Love” waterfall tunnel trap: sea shadows try to drown the party!
- Icare leaps through the other side, gets to exactly Zero hp! Begins drowning…
- Zsofia renounces her deity, Icare gets saved by an unknown force…
- finally rejoined the others and got the horses back outside
- Explored the tower, found other doors.
- found a draco-griffin-thingy roost at the top
- found the basilisks’s lair, and some loot!
- marked all the traps (they were on the floors, walls, and ceilings of the stairs)

The Vault of the Ancient Lizards

- slav opened the vault doors below
- cut off slav’s tail to use his blood to disable the protective wards on the threshold
- found a massive long hall with enormous vaulted ceilings. Many vertical pillars, and much of that mist (non-maddening, though)
- locked side rooms full of arms and armor – enough for thousands of troops!
- found another scrying chamber! but icare activated the trap
- lights turned red, doors began to seal, Gerwaldde escaped to tell the hirelings
- Icare and Slav activated the crystal bowl with lots of blood (ew) mixing in others from vials
- contacted the one that icare initially woke up, mind-shared with the three of them.
- the newcomer was in the middle of a small village to the south, surrounded by lizard warriors and dead humans and dwarves
- the party managed to somehow TELEPORT away just before a 60-foot-tall stone golem attacked!
- they arrived back in the divining chamber of their fortress just north of eaststeading…

Splitting the Party

- Gerwaldde, alone in the tower, freaks out
- finds that all of the stone and rubble and dust lying around was actually petrified body parts, ALL of which has now been unpetrified
- loots the messy corpse of a dead elf
- meets THE NEW PARTY: Human Paladin, Elf Druid, Kobold Rogue, Human Abjurer, and Half-Orc Shaman
- game is now divided between two groups of PCs, exploring different aspects of the world.

Party Roster

  • Chiara
  • Gerwaldde
  • Ghim
  • Icare
  • Slav
  • Zsofia

Loose Threads

Portents of the Future

NPCs Encountered

New Creatures and Enemies

- quillback saurians
- evolved basilisk
- Sea Shadows (drowning, STR drain; Base STR 12)

Misc Loot of Note

Interesting New Facts and Tidbits

Chapter Rewards

Death’s Door


Group Rewards

Individual Bonuses

Further Scribblings in the Sar - Tas
Part 2

Much has transpired since my last significant entry, but I find the events of today significant enough that I feel compelled to commit them to paper.

We have recently welcomed into our circle an individual by the name of Ronalado, or something to that effect – I am still far from mastering the dialect of these people. He seemed to be a cable fighter, but his demeanor seemed to be more in line with the one called Icare – flamboyant and unpredictable. Still, he seemed to have found a place within our circle… until an opportunity arose to elevate himself above us. He seemed to believe that it was his skill, not his social status, that should dictate his value to us – and when asked to do more, he expected to be… elevated above us.

Do not get me wrong – I have no qualm with serving those who stand above me, but this idea of a self-driven elevation seemed alien to me. Moreover, it seemed to raise the hackles of my companions as well. Though they seem to struggle in choosing a leader, they have somehow found a balance by virtue of a council, of which I seem to be part. Needless to say, the rogue’s antics were frowned upon, and he has since parted ways.

But even in his departure, he left words that have given me cause to think. Two of those who travel with us are like-unto the beasts. They are not in the circle, but clearly they are more valuable than the pack animals. I had assumed that they were servants – both of them warm and kind, but servants none the less. This rogue thought otherwise… and now, it seems to be a matter of consideration among the others as well. They speak of giving the one named ‘Ello’ a full ‘share’, which as far as I can see is the only indication of status. Is this a sign of social elevation? It seems foolish to base such things as social status on accomplishment, while ignoring both breed and birth right…

I am not ashamed to admit that I still do not understand. But perhaps, I will, in time.

Later that day we came across something else – an ancient shrine to one of the 10 greater gods. It seemed to be ripe with power still, and showed a vision to the priestess Zsofia. I suspect that the vision might mark the calamity that acompanies my deep sleep… but it could also be the future to come.

Strange though, is the fact that Zsofia knows nothing of the ten. In fact, none of them seem to… and of the lot, only Zsofia seems particularly devout, praying to her traveling god (note: remember that it is Jacob, not Jo-bob. This miss pronunciation seemed to anger her greatly. Perhaps the word jo-bob is an insult, or signifies a rival of this walking god.) How is it that so much has been lost? Have new gods risen to fill a void left behind, or are they usurpers that claim the through while the true kings and queens sleep?

I consider it a travesty that I can recall so little, but each new experience awakens a bit of my past. Perhaps, when we have reunited the Dwarf with his brood-mate, we can seek out the resting places of… the others… I know not what to call them, for they feel like both rivals and allies… but either way, they may be able to help me remember what has been lost to time.

My companions are gathering up the sweaty pack-beasts they insist on riding, so the time is at hand to depart. Barring disaster, I shall write more later.

Chapter 06: Return to the Coast

Scenes and Events

Trek Back to Eaststeading

- Slav is everyone’s ally – “Cause of the pee” they said

Preparing for the Coming Battle

- New NPC, Rodolfo the human shoe-shiner and fence
- New Farstrider notes: They are postmen! And their shrines have books of knowledge and local lore that priests update when they pass through.
- Gorimsson Business in Eaststeading: 100g/month rent, two months paid
- Ghim made a family deal with Gerhardt Goldcastle, dwarf jeweller
- Ghim arranged for his shield to be embossed with gems and carved into a jackolantern
- Gerwaldde bought Strawberry the pony
- Slav tried to buy a baby from a whore and a john
- long chat with the Gerrymanderer, who met Slav
- Gerwaldde hid, and suddenly she can understand Slav’s language!

Return to the Ancient Tower

- set up a “trap” for the red cap
- they really kicked the shit out of it, good job

Party Roster

  • Chiara
  • Gerwaldde
  • Ghim
  • Icare
  • Slav
  • Zsofia

Loose Threads

Portents of the Future

NPCs Encountered

New Creatures and Enemies

Misc Loot of Note

Interesting New Facts and Tidbits

Chapter Rewards

Death’s Door


Group Rewards

Individual Bonuses

Scribblings in the Sar - Tas

Lore: The ‘Sar Tas’ is Slav’s spell book, as well as his Journal. Traditionally, the disciple writes from left to right when inscribing spells, beginning from the front of the book, while the journal is written right to left, beginning at the back of the book. The intent is that eventually the two writings will meet, and a Disciple who has been exploring the world and his thoughts, will have as much musings as spells, and the two will meet in the middle. Either way, the ‘weighing of the words’ is considered a method for judging a Disciple’s path, and that moment is considered a significant one.

The term ‘scribbling’ is one of humility, as the disciple tries to down-play the value of his own words at this stage. Generally, the script is all well written and carefully inscribed. At this point, lacking a proper writing tool, Slav writes in ash – carefully writing, and rewriting the pages so it isn’t dusted away.

Entry – Rebirth

It is with great pleasure that I turn my hand to writing once more. My initial captors did not offer me a method to write, and tragically much of what I experienced is dulled from being deprived such recordings. How clearly I could share the details of my pain and servitude, had I been afforded the chance to record them. Instead, my mind already tries to push them behind, and to forget the time in which I was a servant to them, or as they say, ‘their bitch’.

The past two days have seen my fall in with a much wiser and more amicable group, who have gifted me with a Sar Tas, several fangs, and even a pair of simple clothing. Clearly, they still see me as the ‘bitch’, but I cannot fault them for this – I am an outsider in this hairy circle of companions. And what a strange circle it is – I still cannot fathom who leads them, truly, and even direct questions have yielded little clarity. I think, perhaps, they are like the Hydras of old – many headed and ferocious, but sometimes apt to bite at itself.

I will speak of them clearly here, and I have little fear that they may take my words ill – in fact, I have little confidence that any of them, save the Priestess and the Drunk, can even read and write. I have never seen them draw forth paper and ink, even though I have been within their company for several days. Still, even if they were to read it, I trust that they would see my words as true and fair. Either way, I must catalog them to be true in my observations.

Afwanne – Despite being a figure capable of magic, this strange figure seems to be an outsider in the group. The others frequently engage in debate, but he/she is just as comfortable keeping to herself and her drink. I assume the liquor addles her mind to the point that she is not fit to advise.

Ello – This large figure is certainly the most straight forward of the group, and has proven his talent with music and muscles on several occasion. Like me, I expect that the group sees him as a servant. As their ‘bitch’ he serves, but is given little say in matters. From what I gather, this suits him well enough, and he seems happy to carry on as he does. Tragically, I believe the humans, with their flapping lips and flailing arms are deft to the subtleties of his communication.

Gerwalda – This tiny figure insists that she is not a child, despite her stature, but I can think of no better way to describe her. Small, foolish, and prone to misadventures and missteps. Based on her respect for the Dwarf, I think it possible that she is part of his clutch – or litter – I forget the term for such offspring.

Ghim Gorimsson – At first, I thought this figure might be a leader – the other group had placed one of these Squat fellows at their head, yet that appears not to be the case. Still, he is level headed and prudent in his actions, which bodes well. I have also noted that he appears to pay homage to some gourd-based demon. I am not familiar with this figure, nor it’s ghoulish pumpkin visage, but Ghim finds great solace in it.

Icare – I have yet to see anything concrete about this figure. At times, he claims authority, at other times he seems only to care of himself. Sometimes, he acts cleverly and clearly, and othertimes he resembles a jester. He seems overly attached to possessions, and would rather horde them than see them put to use. Yet, perhaps this is the way of his people – I have noted that they are careful to parcel out their shared resources, and seem content to squirrel much of it away on their pack-beast. Either way, this man is a wild-card, and I fear what trouble his temperament might bring.

Kiara – I might have thought this one of little note – clearly a warrior, and a capable archer. Yet we have recently seen that she harbors a transformation most foul. We have restrained her in order to protect and observe, but it is clear she gives her form over to that of a demon-wolf. It is also clear that this ‘trait’ is new, as the party seems repulsed by it. The only cure they have found so far is sedation, but that hardly seems as though it will serve them in the long term.

Odette Miller – I suspect this one is a nurse-maid of some sorts, perhaps sent to watch over the child and the mad-one. She cooks well, and tends to their possessions, but seems both frail and squeamish. I must assume she is along as some sort of bribe, caretaker, or servant of the others – though I think she would be better left at home.

Zsofia – This woman is clearly a priestess, and she serves someone known as Jacob, who she reveres greatly. In many ways, I see that she should act as the head of this group… but also I see that she gives much attention to the mad-one. It seems caring and protective, and also not without a bit of bite. In this way, she perplexes me as much as the others – with her might, cunning, and magical talents I can only wonder what she gains from their companionship.

Normally, I might be concerned by their chaos – yet, in a way, it seems fitting for this world. The world seems different, the order that I knew lost to a time I cannot even measure. Yet, if there is any chance of recovering those lost memories, and finding what remains of my people, it will lie with this entourage. They are brave and foolish enough to go where no one else is willing to, and accept both the mad, cursed, and forsaken into their ranks. I cannot tell if it is compassion or desperation that gives them such open arms – perhaps a bit of both.

Chapter 05: The Slumbering Past Awakens

Scenes and Events

The Wizard is Dead: Long Live the Wizard

In the wake of Nyll’s death, the party is somewhat traumatized – especially Zsofia, who feels that her failure to protect him is an insult to her god.

Icare is startled to discover that Nyll’s Wand has apparently “taken a liking” to him. He sneaks off with it to see if he can actually use it, and after a bit of experimentation he is able to activate, and with little effort. While he is quite excited by this, Gerwaldde – who secretly followed him to watch – is somewhat horrified, to the point of physical sickness. She immediate;y seeks out her good friend Ghim, and says: “You’re a dwarf and you’ve seen some shit, I know that… There was this tongue… I gotta go take a bath…”

Zsofia panics upon finding Icare missing, and when he returns she scolds him most mightily.

They find a dwarf-made canoe hidden on the other side of the water. Chiara swims across and brings it back over to begin ferrying the people one by one back to the shore and out of the lake.

However, there is an ambush on the other side! Some crazed bandits attack – in fact, they;re some of Gerwaldde’s old bandit crew! And they have some weird lizardman they’re towing along as a prisoner? Eh? The heroes dispatch the bandits mightily, however, and Slav the amnesiac lizardman joins the party (cue jointheparty.mp3).

Chiara’s Gone Missing

Ghim and Gerwaldde take Nyll’s corpse back to town via the canoe, while everyone else hoofs it over land. Slav, Chiara and Icara hang out just south of the lodge, while the rest go in for rest and a bit of relaxation. Some shopping happens, with the last merchants who are just now closing up their shops and heading back north to the coast and the warmer climate. The party also hires on Afwanne as a continuing hireling, in addition to Ello (burren minstrel) and Odette (merchant and cook). Icare even trades Nyll’s spellbook for Afwanne’s fabulous cloak. They also discuss their next plans heavily, and decide to try and root out those bandits once and for all, both curing a blight on the region and perhaps finding out more about Slav’s identity.

During the night, however, Chiara goes missing, having run off as she once more felt the lycanthropic transformation upon her. The rest of the team gets worried at her absence and assembles a search party, but they are unable to track her. Meanwhile, beast-Chiara stalks the outskirts of the town, finds a lone merchant taking a piss, and savage him. Shortly afterward she ransacks his wagon and accidentally sets it on fire, then runs off into the night.

She awakes again the next morning, covered in gore and aghast with the stark clarity of the night’s memories. She washes and returns to camp, and passes her absence off as “needed alone time.” This upsets Zsofia, but everyone moves on anyway.

Into the Quarry

By midday they have located the quarry – the target of their current adventure, and known bandit lair. Gerwaldde’s been here before, and she suggest they try a rarely-used back entrance. They find it partially-collapsed under a rockslide, and fight some angry rock-crabs at the bottom. The crabs were quite a match for them, though, so wounded and low on resources, they return to the top of a nearby hill for rest and planning.

At camp, Chiara finally drops the bomb: “I think I’m a were-rat.” This shocks everyone, including Zsofia, who pledges to kill her if she harms innocents. There is some intense argument and negotiation, after which a plan of action is finally decided.

- Slav gave Ello a magical silver lute
- Ello and Slav can communicate easily!
- Zsofia and Gerwaldde come up with an idea to make a “joint” of paralyzation (yay knowledge smokeables!)
- the party makes the joint! Slav lights it with his firebreath
- Gerwaldde and Icare both take a hit
- chiara smokes the whole thing, and is allllllll riiiiiiight
- next they tie her to a tree. Slav does ceremony to try and heklp, icare does the ropes, afwanne will be on sleep spell duty
- watch order: ghim / icare / zsofia / afwanne / slav
- party kills a single rage ogre! 56 HP, 6 HD
- they push its body down the hill and toss it into the quarry hole.

Into the Quarry – Attempt #2

- found rageborn fertility statue, 10 feet tall
- found dessicated spider corpses
- found a fancy magical earring! (Cha +1) on a human corpse
- chiara and icare failed to save vs the mist! ooooh
- after several fights and a trap, Icare is now eating a corpse, and Chiara is cowering in fear
- Slav uses blood magic and a weird ceremony to make temporary mist-immunity potions

Into the Quarry – Attempt #3

- uh, we’re just gonna skip that optional side dungeon, ok?
- a shitload of money!

Wrapping Things Up in New Thissenford

- turns out that Gerold of Hightower was brutally murdered the night before ans his cart set on fire. Who coulda done that?

Party Roster

  • Chiara
  • Gerwaldde
  • Ghim
  • Icare
  • Slav
  • Zsofia

Loose Threads

Portents of the Future

- Icare is now manifesting Nyll’s abilities!

NPCs Encountered

New Creatures and Enemies

- Rock Crabs
- Rage-ogre
- Desiccated Spider Husks
- Crazed Bandits
- Pygmy ragers that explode
- Deep Ragers (Flopstick and Meathammer!)

Misc Loot of Note

Interesting New Facts and Tidbits

Chapter Rewards

Death’s Door


Group Rewards

Individual Bonuses

Chapter 04: The Highland Games

Let the games begin, hurrah!

Scenes and Events

Arrival at New Thissenford

After the both exhilarating and harrowing events of their journey, the party arrived in New Thissenford with only the current day between them and the kick-off of the First Annual Highland Games. They escorted Gerald of Hightower’s wagon to his final chosen set-up spot, and he paid them for their time and trials.

On the way into town, they passed a fairly small graveyard, and nearby was an old gnarled Hanging Tree, from which gently swayed the dangling fresh corpse of a large, hooded man. Other than that, of note was the fact that the grave yard was remarkably small for a community in such a harsh climate, signifying that the camp probably has its own Crusader (likely a Raenite) tending to its needs.

After the pay-out there was a brief reunion with Treyhern, the personal valet of their previous short-term employer, the Marquis Valentrellis. Treyhern expressed concern for his missing cousin Veitan, who was sent forth as a lone rider the night before. The party secretly suspects that Veitan was killed in whatever explosion collasped the path that night, but they keep this suspicion to themselves for now.

Also during this time, Icare met and mingled with the newly-encountered Burrenfolk – massive bear-people who apparently live in this region. There was much drinking and talking and banjo-playing shared by them, indeed. He met at least three of them, named Hurf, Dingle, and Ello.

While the rest set about buying tents and creating their own camps, Nyll met with the current “leader” of the town, who was actually the brother of the merchant Feldrinas they had assisted much earlier in the campaign. Through this man, and the rest of the party’s rumor-mongering, the following bits of information were discovered:

  • A new mining prospector’s town (called Panner’s Hollow) has sprung up just a few days deeper into the hills – they’ve found gems and precious metals galore! It’s the right time to go check things out before everyone stakes a claim!
  • A Gorimsson has arrived to win the Games! [Kinda true: Ghim has arrived!]
  • Adventure opportunity: the manservant of the Marquis is organizing men to search for his missing rider. He fears something in the dark of the woods.
  • The former Cleric of the town, a Raenite named Martin, was just yesterday murdered by a crazed logger named Wendel Gort. Gort was caught in the very act and hung shortly after. He is now also suspected of being responsible for two other murders shortly before Martin’s.
  • The former patron and namesake of the town, Lord Thissenford, had built a mansion-like hunting lodge just up the river on a beautiful private lake. Two weeks ago, that lodge burned to the ground, leaving no trace of the Lord. There’s no proof of cause, but given recent crimes, the suspect is the late Wendel Gort.

With both Lord and Cleric gone, the town has no one who can officiate the Games, and that would be a bad omen indeed. Nyll tries to convince Zsofia to do it, but she’s reluctant. He uses some clever illusion magic to convince the rest of the town that she’s the chosen one, however, and she changes her mind, agreeing to do the job.

Our session concluded there, and will kick off again next time with…

The Games Begin!

On the second morning, the Games officially began. The crowd was successfully taken in by Nyll’s magical theatrics, and truly believed that Zsofia was officially there to bless the opening of the event. Everyone followed her up to the main podium, where she gave a rousing convocation, commencing the events with the blessing of Jay-kob the Farstrider, Patron Ascendant of Travelers. Much applause followed, and all the while Icare and Gerwaldde picked the pockets of the distracted attendants.

At this point, the Signup roster was complete. The list of contestants:

  • The Party of Heroes (5): All five of the players chose to participate. The entrance fee was minimal, and it was well worth it for all the free food and booze!
  • The Burrens (2): Hurf and Dingle of course chose to try their might in the competitions.
  • Borgun Sternfinger, aka “The Ünderhammer,” a famous dwarf adventurer from the homeland
  • The Marquis Emile Valentrellis, aka Emile Hardcastle, Icare’s one-time secret lover and the party’s one-time potential employer.
  • Revelle, a lone black-haired elfess of unknown origin.
  • Ari Heivem, some random human bloke
  • Miro and Milo (2), the Halfling fraternal twins
  • The Lumberjack Contingent (6): Tancia and Gorfela (the sisters), Maxwell, Rupert, Vilhelm, and Waldegund.

The Games, Explained (Mechanics)

We worked out a set of mechanics to use specifically for these events, so as not to just make everything a boring old one-roll, pass-fail, single-die test. Each Games event is a matched “Feat of Athletics.” For every such event, each contestant rolls 2d10 added together (instead of the usual 1d20 roll). The goal is to roll as high a total as possible under your relevant attribute for that Feat, without going over. For example, the Keg Tossing event is a Feat of Strength, and participants rolled to get under their Strength score.

Different circumstances might give you an advantage, such as being trained in a very relevant skill, or being the size of a bear-man. Whenever you have an advantage, you roll another d10 in the set, and then pick the more favorable two dice of the results. If you manage to hit the exact score of your attribute, your final result is considered an amazing four points higher. So if you have STR of 13, and you roll a total of 13, your successful result is treated as if it were actually a 17.

Additionally, each character starts with a Bonus pool of three D10 dice, directly modified by both STR and CON bonuses and penalties. Characters with d6 Hit Dice (Crusaders, Elves, and Thieves) get +1 additional Bonus Die for each character level. Characters with d8 or higher Hit Dice (Bowmen, Dwarves, Fighters, and Vulterrans) get +2 additional Bonus Dice for each character level. Any participant can sacrifice (as in not going to the central kitty) any number of their personal Risk Dice (bennies) for the session to add more dice to the pool on a one-for-one basis.

Each die added is a D10. Once each participant’s Bonus Pool is built, all of them are rolled – and this is done before any of the games are played. Write down each die’s result separately. During each following Feat of Athletics, after their 2D10 roll is made, a contestant can choose to modify the result by plus or minus the scores of one or more of their already-rolled bonus dice. Cross those individual dice out of your bonus pool forever. Bonus dice must last you the entire two days of events, so spend them wisely!

The events are scored based on the final roll total. Each of the events has a maximum of 5 base points you can score, and you score a point for every increment of 4 points of your final rolled test. A roll of 1-4 would be 1 point, 5-8 is 2 points, 9-12 is 3 points, 13-16 is 4 points, and 17-20 is 5 points. If your roll is under your Stat, you gain that many points. If your roll is over your stat, you lose that many points. And if your roll hits your stat square on the mark, you gain points as if you had rolled 4 higher (critical success!).

Every event has a Score Multiplier. These are randomly rolled immediately before the new event is played out. The GM will roll a single D10. A result of 1-4 = x1 multiplier, 5-7 = x2 multiplier, 8-9 = x3 multiplier, and 10 = x4 multiplier. Your final score result from that related Feat is multiplied by that amount.

Finally, if ever your score reaches negative, you’re disqualified and out of the ranks for good.

The Games Events: Day 1!

After a hearty breakfast shared by all, the events of Day 1 were announced: a Drinking Contest, a Keg Tossing contest, a Drunk Tossing contest, an Arm Wrestling contest, a Sheaf Tossing contest, and finally the Highland Games Trivia contest would conclude the day’s competitive events.

Rather than break everything down into play-by-play recounts, I’ll just share some of the more memorable highlights of the Events:

  • During the Drinking contest, only three contestants didn’t cut the mustard: Gorfela, Vilhelm, and the Marquis. They were added to the list of Drunks to be tossed in a following event (the rest being rowdies arrested from the previous night’s mass of drinking and revelry).
  • Icare was randomly roped into filling in for one of the missing announcers for the second contest, and did a fantastic job of it.
  • During the Keg-Tossing contest, Dingle the Burren got a bit confused and just kept drinking from his keg, and passed out, joining the list of drunks-to-be-tossed.
  • There was much tossing of drunks, oh yes! Most of it was proportional, although Zsofia got stuck with tossing Dingle, which she did most mightily.
  • During the Arm-wrestling contest, contestants were paired off by relevant scores. The matches were pretty much spot-on, and the only disqualified negative score went to Miro the halfling.
  • The Trivia event was pretty silly, and several new world facts were established as a result (and others just plain vetoed out of silliness).

When all the contests of the day were complete, Zsofia (the most consistently bad ass member of the group) stood in the lead with 57 points, followed by Borgun Sternfinger in second place with 53 points. Tied at third place with 51 points each were the burren Hurf and the surprisingly-strong elfess Revelle. Fourth place was held by the lumberjack Maxwell at 41 points, Somehow, the tiny Gerwaldde is also doing well enough to have attained sixth place, with 37 points, only one behind Ghim’s 38-point hold on fifth. Even Nyll scored an amazing 35 points, a testament to the power of his sheer ambition.

The conclusion of the day’s contests quickly transformed into more mass revelry. Icare and Gerwaldde spent some time picking more pockets, and Gerwaldde even managed to score something from the pocket of none other than the Ünderhammer – specifically, an ancient metal key with the head of a bearded dwarf. Shiny! At some point she even managed to get lucky with Milo, the still-in-the-running Halfling contestant. Score!

This was followed by drinking, chatting, socializing, and much inter-athlete flirtation. After uncharacteristically complementing Nyll on his good ranking, Zsofia wandered off to the “winner’s tent” to join the other top-ranking contestants. She ended up in an impromptu three-way flirt-off between herself, the elf Revelle, and the dwarf Borgun. Well, one thing led to another which led to yet more, and the next morning they wake up in a sans-clothing dwarf-human-elf sandwich. Oh my!

Icare’s luck wasn’t so good, though. He attempted to flirt with Maxwell, but accidentally called him the wrong name “Marcus,” which garnered the response of another guy actually named Marcus (a big beefy “man with the strength of a bear, that has the strength of two bears”), and the two ended up off in yet another tent. “Save vs Rod/Staff, Icare.”

On the less-sexy end of things, Nyll wandered the camp and cast out his mind, opening it to the world, looking for feelings of power and strangeness. He was contacted almost immediately by some form of spiritual presence, accompanied by harplike music, a seemingly-angelic force that promised him ways to change the world. This concluded with a tug in the direction of the woods, and a sudden awareness that a nexus of ley line energy lied in that direction, and not too far away!

Finally, Ghim’s own wanderings led him to something else interesting: an encounter with a crazy (aka “sky-touched”) dwarf from the wilds. The poor thing could barely form sentences, and had clearly been through something traumatic, and recently. Adding complications to the situation was the clear-as-day branding of a marked bandit on his hand (missing knuckle from a finger). He talked of “the ancient waters that see all” and the end of days, and the night coming to swallow them all. Ghim took him off with him to talk to Amden who had become a friend and advisor over the last few days. Amden agreed to take care of the dwarf, as dwarves tend to do.

Our session concluded there, and will kick off again next time with…

The Games Events, Day 2!

We’ve got a new player joining us this time, Matthew’s friend Corinne, taking over the role of Chiara.

After a morning of hangovers and some awkward post-romantic realizations, everyone gets back to the breakfast tents for the opening of Day 2 of the First Annual Forthalome Highland Games! We also learn that Zsofia has a sure-solid preventative for hangovers: exercise, power squats, and a concoction of moss and leaves. Interesting.

To start things off and get Corinne right into the thick of things, we play out a short series of scenes from the day before. Earlier the first day, we learn that Chiara has been busy trying to get chummy with other local woodsfolk, so that she can possibly find more work should the whole “adventuring party” thing fall through. Always need something to fall back on, right? Anyway, she learns that one of the local woodsmen is a Trapper named Marcus, who has trapped and brought with him a number of foxes, which are to be hunted as part of the opening event of Day 2. She then secretly decides that she is going to free those foxes, and gets to planning.

On the evening of the first day, she gets her chance. When the cage wagon is finally left unwatched for a moment, she moves in and unlocks their cages, using a bit of putrid meat-oil (ewwwwww) as lubricant to keep the cages from squealing. Her training keeps them following her into the woods, where she sets them on their way.

Anyway, back to the morning of the second day, Icare wakes up in bed with said Marcus, and while making an exit he steals an exquisite fox-fur cloak from the man. He immediately sets out into the woods and buries the cloak, but Chiara witnesses him. After he departs, she digs it back up and burns it, willingly sacrificing what could be a magic item for her character’s beliefs, and immediately gaining XP.

Anyway, the next day of The Games is played out. The planned events of the day are (along with base stat and score multiplier)

  • fox hunt! (canceled last minute! all been set free!)
  • archery (DEX) x2
  • stone put (STR) x1
  • knife-throwing (DEX) x1
  • hammer throw (STR) x4
  • axe-throwing target competition (STR) x4
  • caber tossing (STR) x4
  • dance thrown-down (CHA) x4

Highlights of the proceedings:

  • The Fox hunt is canceled, due to all the foxes having been freed!
  • During the Stone Put, a brawl breaks out as Marcus finally catches up with Icare, thinking the thief both stole the cloak and set free the foxes. But everyone joins in while the stones are still being thrown, resulting in a very memorable new sport invention.
  • After the brawl, Icare is jumped by thugs! They attempt to get him to leave with them, but he sends forth his magical dagger at their leader instead. They knock him out, though, and he doesn’t come back to until much later that evening…
  • A nice three-way dance performance by Gerwaldde, Ghim, and Borgun, showing traditional dwarven kick-dancing.

In the end, the final rankings are:

  1. Zsofia the Walking Harbinger, with 154 points
  2. Borgun Sternfinger, with 124 points
  3. Ghim Gorimsson, with 116 points
  4. Revelle, with 116 points
  5. Gerwaldde (!!!) with 103 points
  6. and Hurf the burren, with 100 points

After the conclusion of the final events, there’s yet another long night of partying. The first, second, and third place contestants each get some hefty cash rewards, and the first place winner is also named the Honorary Spiritual Patron of the town for the next year, and given the, ahem, “presidential” suite at the Lodge for the full year (it’s not penthouse-quality, but it’s still pretty awesome). Zsofia moves her stuff into the suite and then immediately sets to the noble and time-honored task of getting completely trashed.

I… I admit to losing track of what happened to Ghim. Someone care to fill me in?

Nyll convinced Chiara to escort him into the woods in search of that magical energy he felt the night before, knowing that her woodsy skills would be most useful on finding their way back again. After a mile trek into the woods, though, they are diverted by a distress call… wait was that Icare?!

Icare has woken up buried neck-deep in the ground out in the woods, being eaten alive by poisonous ants that were deliberately set next to his head. Making matters more complicated, he is also in some ridiculously complicated trap that turns out to be made from the skull of a dragon. Chiara and Nuyll manage to partially disarm it, freeing Icare but somewhat hurting him in the process. Chiara runs back to get some healing draughts, leaving Icare with Nyll…

We conclude our session there. Probably only one more to go of this Chapter!

What’s Out There in the Woods, Anyway?

Our final session involves the exploration of the weird energies deeper in the woods. We pick up where we left off last time, with Nyll “guarding” Icare while Chiara runs back to the camp to get help. Unfortunately for Chiara, night is falling as she makes the return trek, and the full moon rises bright above the woodlands, triggering some kind of horrible transformation! Yay lycanthropy! Thankfully, because she has invested some prior “death rewards” into eventual control of the form, I allow her some saving throws (which she makes) to run off another direction into the woods instead. The benefit of this is that while she is definitely not in control, neither does she run toward the town nor back toward her companions, effectively removing her from the scene as a potential additional threat.

Nyll and Icare trek forward, really wanting to know what’s deeper in the woods. They discover a beautiful and serene misty lake, and the charred ruins of a small “keep-like” lodge on its shore – this must be the remains of the old Thissenford Lodge! Nyll is quite certain that the call of power is emanating from beneath that lodge, which is a two-tower structure spanning the water between the lakeshore and a small rocky island in said lake. Without waiting for reinforcements (because Nyll is in fact being magically compelled to want to know more), they navigate the treacherous rubble and enter the ruin.

Meanwhile, back at the camp, Zsofia is partying it up when she has an incredibly sobering and humbling vision from her Patron Saint, Jay-kob. The vision appears as a great armored paladin standing before her, and chastises her for celebrating her own personal selfish victory while those she has sworn to protect are in danger. Before he leaves her, he removes his helmet and reveals his face: a white-haired, busy-browed, “Mark Twain”-looking older man with a striking resemblance to Nyll! (Potentially a vision of Nyll’s very grandfather)

Zsofia ceases partying immediately, and finds Ghim and Gerwaldde. They divine the general location of Icare and Nyll (G & G had seen them heading into the woods with Chiara earlier), and head in that same direction. Their panic is increased when they find Chiara’s torn gear thrown madly about a torn-up hollow in the woods, and they pick up their pace, fearing the worst.

They arrive at the tower just in time to see the bodies of Nyll and Icare – fallen in battle! – being dragged into the nests of the roach-monsters that downed them moments earlier. The heroes make a quick work of slaying these creatures, and as fortune would have it, they arrived in time to still be able to heal their fallen allies, bringing them back from the very brink of death.

Nyll is thankful of the rescue, and persuades them to keep pushing into the ruin, to discover what lies within. The surface ruin is pretty barren, having been burned down at some point in the last month or so, leaving only the stone outer walls still standing. Some pieces of buried treasure in the form of candlesticks and such remain, but for the most part the ruin is picked clean. They even cross the precarious span between the two towers, making their way to the separate island but accidentally collapsing the span behind them.

On the island they find another secret: a hidden cellar entrance covered by a well-placed bush. They break in and find an underground stone dungeon, clearly dug and constructed by dwarves, sometime in the last year. Inside they discover the true hidden lair of the late Count Thissenford. As it turns out, Thissenford was a man of many eclectic personal interests, including fine cigars, violins, Restructionist Commonwealth-period sculpture, and necromancy. Thissenford’s basement is full of all kinds of nick-nacks and boxes and furnitures, and he could safely be called a “hoarder” by modern definitions of that word.

Of note among the things found within are some twice-dead dwarf corpses (killed, reanimated, and killed again, all before the party arrived), some carrion crawlers (which they dispatch), another corpse – a halfling thief! – that looks just like Gerwaldde, a room full of “taxidermied” undead “trophies” of Thissenford’s various experiments (his wife, his servant, and his mother in law; all blasted to ash by Zsofia), and a magical study full of all kinds of interesting books and implements (Nyll takes one book for now, intending to come back and take more later).

Of even greater note is the final chamber built around an underground Ley Line Nexus, clearly Thissenford’s attempt to harness its power for his purposes. Also, the Angelic being just hanging out in it – well, only Nyll sees an angel, actually, as everyone else sees a massive worm-monster just waiting to eat all of them. Combat immediately follows! Nyll (charmed by the creature) tries to intercede, but gets hurt and knocked out. Ghim blows his awesome dwarf-horn – twice! – and triggers a countdown for an impending cave-in. The clock is now kicking down as they try to escape. During the escape, Chiara and Zsofia try to fight it while also simultaneously trying to get Nyll’s near-dead body out of danger.

Three really interesting decisions are made here while the rest of the party flees. First, Icare gets grabby and opens the final unchecked door of the basement complex, which lets free five dwarf zombies which were being kept inside! Second, Chiara drops Nyll (leaving his body to be handled by Zsofia) and focuses entirely on killing the worm-thing – and she succeeds! Third, Zsofia remains as the cave-in happens, choosing to put rescuing Nyll as a higher priority than saving herself, even leaving her precious Order Shield behind. Awesome.

Dice are rolled, damage is dealt, and in the end Zsofia comes running out with Nyll’s body right as the rocks finally close the basement off for good. But it’s too late: as Nyll is laid down for the application of healing, his last hit point fades away and his soul is gone across the door of death. Thus occurs the first PC death of this campaign. Zsofia is devastated, and we end the game session right there.

In retrospect, if Chiara had not stopped to fight the worm-thing, Nyll probably would have made it out in time to get saved. However, the thing also would not have been killed, and might have either kept on coming or escaped to come at them another day. Plus, they wouldn’t have gotten the XP for defeating it.

Party Roster

  • Chiara
  • Gerwaldde
  • Ghim
  • Icare
  • Nyll (RIP)
  • Zsofia

Loose Threads

  • What’s the deal with the hanged murderer?
  • What caused the Thissenford Lodge fire?
  • What made the dwarf bandit so crazy?
  • What really happened to Treyhern’s rider?
  • What the hell was that Worm-Thing?

Portents of the Future

  • Panner’s Hollow sounds like an interesting place to check out next!

NPCs Encountered

  • The Burrens: Hurf, Dingle, and Ello
  • Marcus the Fox-Trapper
  • Mister Knife-in-Your-Back, the now-probably-dead thief
  • Mohlo the Sky-touched Dwarf

New Creatures and Enemies

  • Massive Roach-Monsters
  • Dwarf Zombies
  • The Worm-Thing in the Thissenford Basement

Misc Loot of Note

  • The book Nyll grabbed in the Thissenford dungeon

Interesting New Facts and Tidbits

Throughout play, we established new new facts about the world:

  • When dwarves go crazy, other dwarves refer to them as “sky-touched.”
  • “fat-belly stew” is a dwarven delicacy, from fat-bellied scorpion moles
  • cut-and-branded knuckle on the right hand is sign of a captured Bandit in the new world. You’re given “one more chance” basically.
  • TRIVIA: Gorm Gormson (Relative of Ghim) was founder of Port Hope.
  • TRIVIA: Smith Anvilleg is the greatest smith in the land.
  • TRIVIA: The nearby River is knows as Tears of the Weeping Mountain

Chapter Rewards

Death’s Door

Only two characters tempted death and came back from it. Icare and Nyll both were downed during their exploration of the ruined Manor, but were brought back to health by their allies. I haven’t decided what Icare’s bonus will be, but I’m thinking it might have something to do with Nyll’s influence.


These are specifically before individual class XP multipliers, and have not yet been divided by the number of characters involved. We will determine final rewards at start of the next session.

Group Rewards

  • Participate in the Highland Games! (All) Base XP 300 each
  • Defeat Marcus (Minor, All): Base XP 120 total
  • Defeat the 3 Roaches (All): Base XP 360 total
  • Defeat the Worm-Thing (All): Base XP 1400 total

Individual Bonuses

  • Participation Bonus (aka “just showing up and playing” each session, worth 100 XP/session):
    • Chiara: +200
    • Gerwaldde: +300
    • Ghim: +400
    • Icare: +400
    • Nyll: +400
    • Zsofia: +400
  • Make it to the top 6 in the Games! (Zsofia, Ghim, Gerwaldde) +300 each
  • Win the Games! (Zsofia): +300
  • Setting the foxes free (Chiara): +100
  • Continued fantastic dwarf-playing and world-building (Ghim): +200
  • Defeating Knife-in-Your-Back (Icare): +100
  • Actually trusting Nyll (Chiara): +100
  • Awesome Sexy-Times (Zsofia, Icare, Gerwaldde): +200
  • Dat Jack-o-lantern (Ghim): +200
  • Minor Loot from the Manor (Icare): +120 (the GP value of all of that stuff)
  • Damn fine charmed-character role-playing that led to his demise (Nyll): +400
  • Clever Use of the Dwarf-Horn (Ghim; seriously, it caused all kinds of cool things to happen, including deafening everyone and making them immune to the monster’s charm-song): +300
  • UNLOCK ALL THE DOORS (Icare): +200
  • Killing Blow to the Worm-Thing (Chiara): +200
  • Defeat Nyll (technically Ghim killed him with that cave-in…): +100



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