Forthalome: To the New World

Journal of Nyll - Entry 5
Of Places and Things Most Bizzare

I have been so thoroughly lost in my explorations of this world that it is only now that I realize I have not scribbled down what I have witnessed. Though my mind is sharp and crisp, it may not always be so – age and the arcane arts may take their toll.

Note: My apologies to my future students and disciples for the color of this ink. It is certainly not fitting for the style of text, where a reddish black would have been more appropriate. Unfortunately, I believe that Amden Sternfinger, the Dwarven Brewmaster who we travel with has taken a liking to my Ink as a ‘fancy new flavor enhancer’. My only condolence is knowing that his customers will likely be experiencing some terrifying mornings when their bowl movements and urine come out dark red.

But, I digress. Allow me to speak on a matter most intriguing to me -

Zoological Observations

The creatures here continue to be amazing, and I am left wondering how such a vast difference exists between the old world and this one. We have encountered all sorts of strange, niche-focused creatures, as well as indications of an entire reptilian or draconian based society. But few, if any, are familiar to me. Given normal species distribution, some of them should have show up in other parts of this world – at the very least, the massive Roc-like birds should have made an appearance.

But all of my studies indicate that to not be the case. It is possible that this diverse biological array comes from elsewhere, or it’s possible that they are recovering from some long passed cataclysm and have not yet needed to venture elsewhere. But, one thing is certain – this place, and it’s creatures are foreign to everything we’ve known.

Geographical Observations

The landscape continues to be interesting, with a particular edge of harshness. The cliffs and hills are blasted by the winds, stripping away the soil almost as quickly as it can accumulate. This has lead to some incredible sights and sounds, as well as the opportunity for profit. Already we have found forgotten ruins and a freshly exposed vein of precious metals. What more does this land hold that I might learn, or profit from?

Magical Observation
My tutelage is nearing it’s conclusion, which is well enough; I am eager to fully claim my title as Nethermancer. Yet, despite my Grand-Mother’s claims that she is eager to be done with my, I suspect she may yet try to keep my company. Perhaps not as a student, but in some other capacity. I suspect that she may hope to gain passage into our world through my growing power. Only time will tell, but I consider it wise to be cautious in this matter.

Meanwhile, I continue to find the magical energies of this world strangely warped. Though they are not tethered to places of power, as they would be in the old world, they still have a certain pattern to them. I have yet to figure out what it is, but there is a flow and rhythm to it. Discovering and harassing that power will be crucial to my rise in power.

This must conclude my writing for now; we are about to set out, and I will not have my handwriting marred further by the bouncing of a wagon. What I have to say, what I have to record, is too important to suffer such flaws.

Chapter 03: Trek Through The Shivers

Scenes and Events

Travel Arrangements

- enter mule #2, aka Lazarus (and the charmed merchant)
- Afwanne’s speech, the Broodmother’s head
- possible patron, the “Marquis”
- Icare fucks it all up
- acquire new patron, MUCH lower pay

Travel to the

Day One

- the ash-bark birch trees
- the dickfruits
- the sloth-centipedes in the trees
- dickfruit cider! and bones?
- Icare vomits forth a coin, while Nyll feels a watchful presence…

Day Two

- Afwanne’s adventures with Meth
- The strange spike-rock ridge, and the flying Rocs; ruins of wagons and other things at the distant base of those rocks
- discovery of the Ore mine!
- more contract negotiation

Day Three

- Chiara’s hunting excursion leads to discovery of poopfeathers
- mid-day battle at the stream! / battle at the poopwall! / the dinosaur!
- Icare the saviour of the fords!
- Zsofia’s vision: “the first person you see” (Icare!) will lead her to a new Path of the Farstrider!
- Zsofia and Chiara acquire “Death’s Door” upgrades
- Icare kills a lone lizard pygmy!
- the halfling in a bag! Gerwaldde joins the party
- Gerwaldde knows local bandits, led by a dwarf (recently promoted) named Borgul, 1d4 x 10 of them present at any one time
- the storm comes!
- night camp: camp early/leave early (amden’s challenge to the suggestion of early camp), short watch, icare’s dream, ghim’s fearful sights during his watch, Nyll + Gerald = BFFs, Chiara and the raw meat

Day Four

- the chasm
- the Odette situation, and the ensuing party rift
- Nyll’s new ley line?
- new arrivals! the marquis!

Days Five through Eight

- trip takes a few days longer

Party Roster

Loose Threads

Portents of the Future

NPCs Encountered

- that merchant guy who loves Nyll
- Lazarus, mule #2
- the “Marquis”
- the merchant’s assistant girl
- Amden Sternfinger

New Creatures and Enemies

- centimede sloths? in dickfruit trees?
- Rocs? Details unknown…

Misc Loot of Note

Chapter Rewards

Chapter 02: The Woes of Eaststeading

Scenes and Events

Battle at the Gates

- Effective use of Hold Portal!
- What’s in the stolen chest?
- Nyll gains a new wand.

Icare Gone Missing

- Paid his price of the bargain by giving up 24 hours of his life to a succubus
- Woke up in the bed of the son of Jonah Hardcastle

Settling in at Eaststeading

- Learn: Murders in town? Huh?
- Learn: Attempts to rebuild nearby Ancients fastness were halted due to “haunting” conditions
- Learn: attempted raids from the “pygmy reptilioids” have increased over the last few months.
- Carousing at the bars for information
- Zsofia gets “politely mugged”
- Ghim begins to develop his own superstitious religion
- Nyll meets Xavier, the Self-Respecting Gerrymanderer

First Journey to the Ruined Keep of the Ancients

- Nyll gets fucked with on the road by a malicious something-or-other
- Found a collapsed well of Eeeeeeviillll
- Rats! Rats everywhere! Retreat!
- Nyll gets fucked with some more, loses his original wand

Second Journey to the Ruined Keep of the Ancients

- Back with reinforcements!
- One torch, keeps the sea of rats at bay
- The second effective use of Hold Portal
- fought some giant rats and some were-rats
- maybe Chiara is cursed with lycanthropy?
- found some treasures, including a magic earring and a signet ring of House Thissenford
- bloody corpse of Sparky the mule
- gave a Redcap his “treasure” back

Party Roster

  • Nyll: Magic-User and Master of Contracts
  • Icare: Trap-finder and Dandy Dilettante
  • Afwanne: Scandalized Elf on the verge of Disowning
  • Zsofia: Wandering Cleric of the Farstrider
  • Ghim Gorimsson: Dwarf Adventurer and Mining Expert
  • Chiara : Archer and Tracker

Loose Threads

  • What’s up with that huge milky white sphere?
  • Has the Redcap been truly appeased?

Portents of the Future

- first-annual highland games at the New Thissenford logging town, in the “Shivers” to the west
- recent storm has revealed newly-uncovered ruins in the rocky islands off the eastern coast
- Gharm is still an unknown, said to have traveled south to the lost expeditionary camp.

NPCs Encountered

New Creatures and Enemies

- the lizard-pygmies
- the armored dinosaur thing: 8 HD! AC 0! 3D6 damage! whoah!

Misc Loot of Note

  • New Wand for Nyll
  • Book of spells split between Nyll and Afwanne
  • Gnarly earring made out of a tiny rat skull: a Ring of Vermin Control
  • Non-magical signet ring of House Thissenford

Chapter Rewards

Journal of Nyll - Day 4

It is with a tired hand that I write today’s entries, for the hours have been long. Our travels have taken us inland after we discovered the ambush of an expedition party. The path was arduous and wrote with danger, but my companions seem to somehow form a well rounded set of skills. What they lack in academic knowledge they make up for in worldly talents.

But such things are not what truly interest me – today’s explorations have led us to discover a branch of humanoid’s entirely unknown to me. They were large and brutishly strong, while their clothing and use of primitive tools suggested only a base intelligence. If that had been it I would have still been elated – an entirely new branch of the human tree, hidden away in this shard of the world! Sadly, none could be captured for questioning – those who travel with me are all to familiar with lethal force. Still, I have learned much from observing their habitat and their physiology. I suspect they may be some offshoot of Orc, to be honest, though the particular habits of their queen, or Brood-Mother, make me wonder what other taints have afflicted their bloodline.

It is this aforementioned queen that I find most interesting of all. A massive, oozing pile of flesh, which seemed to exist only for consumption and procreation. Surely, the finer points of movement, let alone higher thought, were lost to the creature. Yet, they possessed a certain cunning and ferocity that I had to admire.

My cohorts have proposed that the creatures be named ‘Wart Men’ or some other crude variant, for the warrior males were all predisposed unsightly STD’s. I, however, find something that captures their nature to be more appropriate – “Rage Born” or “Wild Spawn” both strike me as interesting, but I will be hard pressed until such time that I learn more.

Beyond the realm of these creatures we have discovered a long sealed passage. I have high hopes that it shall hold some clues to this places’ mysterious past.


And So It Begins

It has been scarcely a week and already this new world has shown me both hope and despair. The very land here is different, cluttered with foreign plants and strange animals which bleed into every day life. Exotic pelts and herbs are gathered with ease and shipped back to the homeland where I am sure they will fetch a price many times exceeding their worth. There is so much promise here, of new possibilities…

But also, such much of the old worlds. Already these people carve out social strata for themselves that mirror what they experienced before. Under the guise of possibility people are drawn, but little do they know how quickly they come to a new set of rules; a new set of rulers. Money, lust, and power drive the world here, just as they do elsewhere.

Yet, as I depart the city with new-found companions I am reminded of just what this place holds for me; the magical resonance of the place is unlikely anything I’ve seen before. Still wild and untamed – purer and cleaner. I do not know what paths the ancient people may have walked, but I know they did not tread the path followed by those I have studied.

There is much to learn.


Chapter 01: Stepping Forth into the Unknown
Wherein our adventurers first voyage out into this dangerous land

Scenes and Events

The Contract and the Voyage

In which the contract was discussed, and plans were made to set forth.

The Scavs

In which doglike beasts were encountered feasting upon the corpse of a beached “whale.” Combat ensued.

The Lost Surveyors

The late-night discovery of a ransacked campsite led to the raid upon a “Rage-born” lair, rescuing part of a missing survey team.

The Lair of the Ancients

Deeper delving into the rage-born lair uncovered a ruined fastness of unknown purpose, and a preserved member of a long-dead race of Ancients.

The Party Roster

  • Nyll: Magic-User and Master of Contracts
  • Icare: Trap-finder and Dandy Dilettante
  • Afwanne: Scandalized Elf on the verge of Disowning
  • Zsofia: Wandering Cleric of the Farstrider
  • Ghim Gorimsson: Dwarf Adventurer and Mining Expert
  • Chiara (joined during the rescue raid): Archer and Tracker

Loose Threads

  • Icare was given the temporary ability to read the Ancient glyphscript, in exchange for a future 12 hours of his life being given over to Nyll’s “Mentor” for her own personal usage.
  • Icare was again exposed to Things Which Man Was Not Meant To See (aka Magic) when he drank from the magical mixture within the Vision Bowl.
  • What did Icare’s vision really detail? Was that an event of the present, the past, or the uncertain future?
  • The Unknown Lizardman was left in his magical coffin, still in stasis for the time being.

NPCs Encountered

Misc. Loot of Note

  • The Knife What Keeps Stabbing (see Items page)
  • 3x pronged metal pike heads, clearly Ancient in origin but in perfect condition
  • Onando’s spell book, offered to Nyll as payment by Feldrinas for safe escort

Chapter Rewards

The chapter comes to a conclusion as the party makes to escort the survey team back to the town of Eaststeading.

Everyone has earned a base of 4125 XP. Those of you with a 5% XP bonus from high Stats will earn a total of 4331 XP. Those of you with a 10% XP bonus will earn a total of 4538 XP.

PLEASE NOTE that due to leveling pace limits, you can only advance a single experience level at one time. Any XP you would have earned beyond what is needed for the next level are “banked” for the future. Thus all of you are able to make it to level 2. However, any of you that would have made level 3 or beyond are still level 2, but will advance again next time experience is awarded. No XP is lost, merely banked for later, to preserve power pacing.


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