Forthalome: To the New World

2016 Session 05: Origins of the Gods, Part 1

D&D (Beyond the Wall) April 24th, 2016
Taken by Sean

The Story Continues

Far, Far, Far in the Past – with a different system – somewhere other than where the current game takes place. Pre-empire. Old gods. A scattered world.

Parn & Sigri were bullied in a tavern. They stood up against those who would besmirch the name of Parn and bested them in a brawl, before sending them down the hill in barrels!

Korbin and Leora accidentally summoned a spirit of Chaos, which they managed to send packing on its own.

Leora and Parn met a night in the forest and broke bread over sharing of stories. The knight is an elf from the land of Loren.

Sigri was fighting with her mother and stomped off into the woods. She ended up as the Watch Tower with Korbin. She vents to him as the sun sets – and then a swarm of birds (Slaughn) descend upon the tower. Sigri manages to drive them away with her shield.

… and so the adventure begins.

Leora is in the forest finding mushrooms at the behest of the Witch. Things are going well, when suddenly the trees exploded with movement as a hoarde of Vultures decend upon her. They wound her before flying away, and she manages to choke one of them too death. She takes the dead vulture and departs – not sure what is going on.

Meanwhile, Parn awakens from a nightmare, finding himself more fatigued than when he went to sleep. The images plauge him but they are just beyond his comprehension.

Sigri and Korbin are on their way to the stump, calling out to any who will come and listen. As they pass the graveyard by the old tree, Korbin notices something out of place. There is… a star in the sky. One that is not normally present. It is the star bearing a demons name (Germauken).

Leora has begun preparing the Vulture to be used, and realizes that the vulture is branded with the info of one of the local farms. She heads towards Parn’s place of work and seeks him out to ask what he knows. Together they make their way towards the center of the town.

People are sort of panicking a little bit, but the party steps forward to try and guide and direct them. They manage to calm them, but at the same time, they don’t have much direction yet. Villamina tries to offer some insight into things.

… the next day.

Korbin decides that the boredom needs to be put at bay – so he is encouraging them to investigate. He runs around and grabs everyone up. Korbin manages to talk to Villamina and not die (Close) and then tries to convince Leora to come with him.

Parn and Sigri notice a wagon traveling up the trail but it’s at a distance.

The group gets together, takes the Ferry, and heads for the Carlton fram. They decide, after some discussion, to try and cut through the village. Sigri feels a call of something from within, some sort of Fae aspect that she can’t quite place – but she smells a whiff of something in the wind as well.

The party considers things, and eventualyl decides to push further onward. The smell seems to be coming from crude stone altar. It has been recently formed, and upon it is a ritual sacrifice! It turns out to be the elvish warrior that Leora and Parn met before.

2016 Session 04: A Murder of Crows

D&D 5E March 13, 2016
Taken by Sean

Burren Unarmed attacks are one die higher (min D4)

H2. Allies and Rivals
Ally | Rival

Hurf -
Uraki -
Candor -
Theodosia -


How did Hurf beocme a monk? maybe we don’t know yet. Not collections. Hurf was a master of Bonzai trees, and eventually earned the trust of the monks.

The Story Continues

Today: We are going to build Port Hope.
Sights/Sounds/Smells – Chaotic, poorly Organized. “All Roads Lead to the River” – Fish & Barking Merchants.

Nauticle Architecture born of necessity, an everchanging cornicopa of smells in frequent whisps of smoke and vapor, with squaking gulls and barking merchants.

Who stayed at home: Pluvius (Retired), Hortensia, Vistra (Went back with Ghim), Gallhad (Working on the Spa), Reggie (Afflicted and driving it towards his Mychonid Connection), Khiara (Staying and Training)

Who went – Ghim (mail duty then returning), Zsofia (sailing), Theo (Wants a Story!), Uraki (Wanderlust and Fight’n),

Who is new – Relyn, Smarri, Candor, Herf (from the Highlands)

Who is AFK – Icare, Slav

Candor, Smari, Relyn, and Vistra have escaped the strange dungeon/workshop of that creature. After some conversation, they decide to destroy the artwork and the tools despite their inherent value.

Note: If Smari wants to have pocketed an item, she can.

The party comes together, and then jumps forward a little bit. The party finds themselves in a chamber made of metal, with a sarcophogous open in the center. The block is… sinking in some sort of spot, and Theodosia’s elemental is holding the doorway.

It is the casket of a powerful Burren Druid who was secretly burried in this elaborate casket. We are here because this druid is an ancestor of Hurf, and they have been looking for her for a few years – we have come here seeking her holy symbol, a druidic artifact. The symbol is – an carved ivory totem of a Dove. Outside is an…enemy…

A Rival Druid! Hundred of Predatory Birds. (Female)

We have the artifact. And if we don’t have it, she can’t reincarnate. Hurf knows this. He has been brought here for a reason. (Her name is Ella) They discuss, and decide that they will trya nd tunnell away. Using the earth elemental, they will try and tunnel away.

As they tunnel, suddenly a bunch of underground creatures begin showing up, clawing and biting at them. The party flees, slaughtering little clawed bastards in the process. Eventually they escape and end up in an underground chamber,

However, even then pursuit continues. Clawed elemental things show up. Two of them. Theo hits them with a blast of sound – but it doesn’t quite seem to stop them. Hurf gives them a blast of wind, hurling one of them backwards. The party does its best to attack, but to no avail. The clawed creatrues – 4 of them – Swarm the party. Hurf is Badly hurt. Candor goes down.

The party rushes upwards, fleeing frantically as they try and escape the burrowing creatures. Through some chance they manage to escape, and somehow survive.

2016 Session 03: Pickman's Gallery

D&D 5E February 28, 2016
Taken by Sean

NEW RULE! Cure spells can take the hit point average the same as you can do when you cast spells

The Story Continues

Oath of the Deep Light (Reskinned Oath of the Ancients)

Ryln (the Druid) has a headache… and so it begins. He is apparently horribly hung over but there are some strange sounds outside of his tent. No wait, he is hanging by his ankles. That makes this WAY worse than a hangover. His feet are bound in chains, and his mouth is gagged with some sort of metal gag. After some consideration he decides to try and break free, but isn’t completly free. Something is whistling and approaching, even while some other figure is clearly trying to communicate with him…

Meanwhile, Candor is in a similar situation. He tries to find the ground, but to no avail. So instead he swing back and forth – finding Ryln. Together, they work to have Ryln pull upwards, using Candor as a rope. After that, Candor manages to catch the chain that was attached to Ryln. They make some progress, but not completly.

At the same time, Vistra is investigating disappearances. People have gone missing. She finds a scene where many things have been scattered, but left behind and not looted. She finds a near dead dwarven woman and heals her – gasp – it’s Smari. Surprised, she tries to wiggle away. They chat. The paladin invites her to help investigate the campsite. She is dazzed, but her memories begin to come back. She remembers who she is… and remembers that she doesn’t have the MAPS!

A quick investigation of the site… things have gone missing, but not necessarily the traditional valuable things. Someone who knew what they were looking for took things.

Smari sees some shit – (29 perception) – and realizes that fine pieces of art are missing. She tries to explain what she has seen to the Paladin. Together, they try their best to piece together what might have happened. Its all very hazy.

Something has clearly addled everyone’s mind.

Meanwhile, Candor and Ryln are still trying to make a hasty escape. It isnt going particularly well. One of the other prisoners is drawn upward, and then swept out. Ryln manages to monkey bar across the top, and Candor manages to swing back and forth until he gets to the top – hastily, they then try and make an escape.

Smari & Vistra using some magical mumbo-jumbo to try and locate the direction inw hcih the stolen art objects and maps might lie. They are lead to a garbage pit. At the bottom of this pit is a small archway… Smari is pretty sure that those they are pursuing lie beyond the door at the bottom. The stonework is old and strange, and she has seen it elsewhere.

They manage to make it to the bottom, where the entrance waits. However, there is a garbage trap that the duo manages to setoff. Smari leaps to the side, but Vistra falls and is smashed by some of the fallen garbage. It is quite disgusting. They work together to pull the Paladin out of the garbage, but it’s quite a mess. She takes damage but eventually manages to break free.

Meanwhile, Candor and Ryln manage to get themselves free of the gags, though at considerable pain. Fortunately, Ryln is able to heal the damage that has been done. They realize that others have been captured, so they attempt to rescue them.

The two drwaves continue pressing their way onward, picking, winding, being careful adn mostly stealthy… for a trapsmith and a crazy paladin in super heavy armor. They find a body that has been horribly displayed in a macabre sense. Horrid. Suddenly a voice screams in anguish – right in their ears!

The other two hear the chaos, and Relyn, currently in the form of a sea-dog wants to go help, Candor casts invisibility on Relyn, who is rushing off to help. Meanwhile, the dwarfs try to build up their resistance to the screaming., but its hard to place where this infernal screaming is coming from.

“9 to shortsword the shape.”

Smari tries to shoot it with a crossbow, but misses. However, it launches a sonic attack back in her direction… she manages to shrug off most of it. Vistra realizes, thanks to her magical necklace, a whole lot about these creatures, who happen to be strange ‘artist’ creatures who torture their victims.

The players attack this strange creature, doing whatever they can to take down the creature. Melee creatures are attacking left and right. It is lit with light, slowed, and otherwise weakend. Smari takes a brutal hit… but stays up. Candor is managing to pull up the fallen – which may, or may not, be important. Eventually, the Paladin get’s its attention and Smari lands a nice sneak attack. As the creature is slowed, glowing with holy fire, and assaulted on all sides … it is taken down, its head smashed by a powerful blow from Vistra!

Everyone lets out a sigh of relief.

“Sweet!” – the GM

They find an artists studio – a grisley studio – with corpses, and brushes and cavases, all made out of various body parts. They also discover their msising works of art, simpyl colelcted off to the side. A true artist!

2016 Session 02: Too Late for Heaven

D&D 5E January 24, 2016
Taken by Sean

IMPORTANT: New Charachter Stats! 3 set of 3d6, in order as rolled. Pick a set, then roll a d6 and add that many points.

Criticals always do double damage


Jeanne recants the exploits of Zsofia’s faithf and the fiasco that was The Glitter Dragons. Gharm, it is determined, has been writing a lot of letters to the family of dead dwarves.

The Story Continues

Logistics – Where will the PLAYERS go now?
It sounds like we will do a little bit of Community Building.

The boat is returning, but they are late and the smugglers are quite worried about the ramifications later. Khiara is still hoping to meet the Were-Bird (Heaven), but it doesn’t look like she is going to be able to because nobody knows. Their other captain slipped away as well, a were-shark named Hunger.

It is decided that the ship will be left in the care of Malvina, while the party checks in to see what the rest of the people want to do about the boat. Slav gives Malvina one of his Po’ke Balls as a protective measure.

However, when they are leaving the docs they are caught by some guard members. Bribary works though. Yay! They make it back to the keep. More rejoicing. Now what to do? Apparently, kill them. But how? And why? And where. We… make lots of choices.

The pack of were-orcas is murdered – it is a blood bath. But, maybe Lycanthropy affects someone? One guy is taken captive. (Jinkins) After some banter, where he refuses to relent, Zsofia sees him as… sacred… and decides to intercede. Guards start showing up though, so we scramble quickly.

Several Different Groups Break Out:

Pluvius stays behind on the ship to watch over things. ..

… and some shit happens… who knows, I was upstairs?

Zsofia is being offered the chance to turn into a were creature. Jinkins will stay around and be loyal to her, so long as she agrees to shield him. She agrees. Duh, dun, dun! They get all scratchy and stuff. But ultimately, the bite does it. Mmmm!!

Jenkins is now Zsofia’s level 3 Henchmen!
Gallahad has aquired a pack of level 1 charachters.
Reggie has Miconyds.
Icare – a group of level 1 thieves
Ghim – a group of businessmen/miners
Pluvius – an Apprentice – Burren
Uraki – her single henchmen – Bozo – the Boy Thief
Hortensia – Chooses to Hold Off!
Khiara aquires a pack of level 1 rangers from New Thisonfourd
Theodosia – a group of fans/contacts
Slav - > Special message to GM

Slav has gone missing, as well as Nigel. They found an indication that the group has somehow teleported away. Or was maybe burnt. It’s super hard to tell. As they are investigating, Slav speaks to them through the skull – and the staff becomes anchored on the tower.

A trip to Port Hope! – Who’s going? Reggie, Zsofia, Theo, Khiara, Ghim, Gallahad

Back Home! Uraki, Icare, Hortensia, Pluvius & Company!

Or Maybe Not – changing charachters.

Khiara! Gallahad Theo, (Rogue), (Elvish Knight)(Druid Water)

Hurf, the Burren Monk is from Ellom the Burren Monestary.

Hurf met Sternfinger on the way to port hope. They fell in together, where Hurf offered to help protect her.

Ryln Rinsorrow – Druid of the Sea. Found the drifting body of (Angel-touched).

2016 Session 01: The Kobold Martyr

D&D 5E January 10, 2016
Taken by Sean

Criticals always do double damage


God Only Knows:
Werewolves and teleportation and Dwarf Lizards
So, we discuss possible life goals for everyone and the GM takes notes. And work out Wealth. It takes a while.

The Story Continues

The party has learendd that those who were supposed to be here are not. But, there isn’t much they can do.

Meanwhile, Reggie seeks the help of Gallahad inr emoving his curse. They agree that if he cleans up the Jacobian shrine then that will suffice. Reggie does so, and Gallahad cures him… though it includes putting a fancy ribbon on his legs.

Zofia prepares to go see the town Priest, so she has a ‘Spa Day’ with Gallahad and Uraki. They make a spa area out of the old well. This seems like the best way to get ready. And they make some very, very fabulous things.

Theo is making a name for herslef by telling stories, while Icare is working on a Brothel for the Glitter Dragons.

Reggie is sneaky sneaky around town and discovers the actions of what looks like some sort of thieves guilds. However, they avoid him and he flees, fearing that he has been suspected. In the form of a cat he comes across the others. There is pointless fiascos… but eventually information is relayed.

Uraki and Reggie go to the bar, while the other two (Gallahad and Zofia) go to speak to Hardcastle.

Zofia makes an offer to the Rayonight priest and asks him, in a round about way, about History and how she can learn about it. He isn’t much of a book ’lern’n person though. He suggest she speak to people from the “Northward Kingdoms”, and mentions the Marquis. However, he doesn’t have much real information. He does however caution her that things are afoot.

Apparently, someone has been recruiting for the Harbinger – Deacon, masquerading as her is apparently recruiting. They go to the location and see a statue of Zsofia. Deacon, who is clearly enamored and obsessed babbles about how Great Zsofia is and theirefor he was using HER image to recruit. They are lead into the back room of a shrine.

Meanwhile, Reggie catches someone trying to steal from Uraki and he stabs them… pinning their hand to Uraki. She puts down her drink and grabs the assailant – a child. Apparently he is recruiting for the church of Zsofia. They capture him and insist that the boy lead them back to the temple. ..

It is all very confusing.

Zsofia doesn’t want to have anything to do with this, and they all suspect that Icare is somehow involved.

Icare decides to go check on his Brothel – named ‘Sparkle Motion’ – but the guy at the door doesn’t seem to recognize him. While he is trying to figure out how to enter, the group approches and they are invited in. Strange. Clearly Deacon, who Icare knows, has been doing some very agrressive recruiting… with an angle towards worshiping Zsofia.

It looks like this business is thriving!

Ikare and Zsofia have decided that Deacon needs to be killed. They meet up in the Alleyway to speak together. Gallahad is privy as well:

There is a long conversation with Gallahad, Ikare, Zsofia, Hardcastle and Decon. They go back and forht and hardcastle makes it clear that he doesn’t trust Icare. However, they are unable to come to a conclusion. What will they do abotu this ownerless thieves guild?

Zsofia decides to go back and pray, but finds Deacon dead from Suicide. She decides to raise him from the dead and make him an official desciple. During the resurection, more spirits come – Oswalde shows up to assist, but so does Icare – who realizes that Zsofia has chosen Deacon over their friendship. Oswalde is lost, but Deacon comes back.

However, it seems like the Brothel has been taken as ‘property’. Several people decide something must be done… but later.

2015 Session 17: The Vixen of the Sea

D&D December 13, 2015
Taken by Sean

Criticals always do double damage

H2. Allies and Rivals
Ally | Rival
- Pluvius: Slav | Hortensia
- Slav: Pluvius | Khiara
- Khiara: Hortensia | Slav
- Theodosia: Slav | Hortensia
- Hortensia: Slav | Pluvius



The Story Continues

We open by discussing possible ways to create a charachter swapping effect. Essentially we want to be able to swap players out. Perhaps with a combination of the magic of the boxes and the crystal shards?

Somehow they are connected – and for now two locations exist at the same time. Ther is much discussion about how to take advantage of this – as well as a discusion about a curse that has been offered by a now dead Dwarf. Pluvius decides to use Ottulukes Sphere on Hortensia to see if he can ‘eject’ her? Something happens where she sees the massive chamber as it was before, recognizing it as an illusion. She appears back at home base.

She is met by the elf caretaker (Afwon) – but is very confused. However, because of an old letter that was sent they are able to deduce where she came from. Hurray! Meanwhile, the rest of the party is trying to figure out how to get them back. Many ideas are passed around, and Theodosia manages to eject herself. However, Slav gets tired of waiting and decides to close the box… and they all pop back to camp. Hurray again! It looks like we might be able to use them to telport from one location to another.

The party rests and discusses what they might try and do – many options are offered, including the return a magical staff (with a head on it) to Slav. Slav meditates with the staff, and tries to remember what he knew about the other dead lizard. In the morning they vote on what to do – try to awaken the old dragon kind, or leaving it. It’s close but the party decides to try and awkaen the old dragon person.

Pluvius creates a teleportation circle and we jump back into the deep underground creep zone. A magical circle is placed around the dead body – Slav begins a ritual, which ends with a massive cloud of gas… he wretches, but manages to resist something even worse invading his mind. A moment later, a force ripples through all of the gathered people… which they resist… and then it settles on the dwarven corpse.

He apears to have reanimated into the Dwarf. Yay, ancient Lizard Priest in a Dwarf body! We talk and try to convince him to e our Ally. Then we decide that teleportation might be a good option.

Teleport Part of the Party Home – then Pluvius and Theo will use Dimension Door to escape, and later travel back with the rest of the group.

It still involves a considerable selection of spells. Unfortunately, things go awry and the party is teleported – into the middle of the sea. Not that Pluvius knows.

Meanwhile, the remaining people decide to go clear the treasure out, – which is a rather significant sum of money. A fortune really. And some decorative Armor (and magical armor!) The Marquis is offered the keep and the party departs. Pluvius and company returns – to find out that they never made it.

Back in the water, the party sees a boat belonging to their old pirate friend… and they decide to signal it. This is Vernando’s vessal – but it’s the best option they have.

They are drawn abord, but the crew wants to know “what their price is”. Hortensia makes it fine, as does Slav and Nigel (with Slav’s help), but Khiara is sent to the front. Vernando tells the Vixen of the sea (Khiara) that she broke his heart… but invites her to dinner.

2015 Session 16: Harrowing Descent

D&D November 8, 2015
Taken by Matt

Criticals always do double damage

H2. Allies and Rivals
Ally | Rival
- Ghim: Gallahad | Hortensia
- Gallahad: Ghim | Hortensia
- Uraki: Gallahad | Hortensia
- Zsofia: Hortensia | Ghim
- Hortensia: Zsofia | Ghim


Previously we had a huge battle after which we left the dungeon for a long rest. The game begins at camp.

The Story Continues

The group fast travels to the beginning of the second floor. The room that they initially enter is ravaged by repeated battles with a fresh trail of dwarf blood leading through a door on the side. As Gallahad extends his evil sense he finds that beyond the door there is a “Holy Salon” (Note: Gallahad’s devine sense is able to detect consecrated or desecrated spaces, the sense oriented according to the Character’s alignment. Ex: the holy salon aligns with gallahads morals thus he detects a consecrated space)

Gallahad convinces the group to visit the salon for a quick mannie/pedi maybe a perm for Zsofia. The room is a meeting hall with one wall having a huge portrait of a nobleman that omega team traveled with. Lord Darren Erdia is the one in portrait. There is also a table with cabinets and in one of the cabinets there is a bottle of liquid with a set of small pewter cups. Zsofia realizes that there is a ritual involved and Gallahad remembers that Darren liked to toast himself a lot. Gallahad, Uraki & Zsofia toast Darren and as the toast ends there is a click and the painting swings open to reveal a secret passage. Hortensia finds “A Young Nobles guide to picking up ye olde hotte Chyckes” and pockets the book for future reference.

The secret passage goes up towards another room. In the room there is a loosely fitted stone door, Ghim takes a look and almost looses an eye to a tentacle that shoots through. The group engages the monster. Its a gooey pudding like monster with tentacles made out of tongues. The group fights valiantly with Miss Tongue Tentacles, at some point in time in the battle the maiden splits into two, yet that phases them not and Gallahad delivers finishing blows to both monsters. Getting covered in goo in the process. Everyone resists the urge to vom except gallahad but he knows better to vomit in front of others so he politely steps aside to vom out of the view of the party.

IN the room that the monster came out of is a pile of weapons and armor. We find desintergrated set of human armor, a shield, some random crap, a cool looking spear with a spear head that appears to be some precious gemstone, and a slightly pitted and gemmed crown. Zsofia takes the crown (for Icare), Ghim takes the shield and Gallahad carries the spear.

The group heads away from the recent battlefield and goes down a passage that ends at a wall. Searching for a way through Uraki finds the switch and Zsofia notices a trail of blood coming out of the wall. The wall opens to a gathering hall with four giant toads hanging out and they attack! We easily dispatch the toads and the group retreats and shuts the door behind them.

The group follows the blood trail to a damp chamber with mold growing in it. The trail leads through a doorway that was once hidden. Uraki uses her talent of breaking shit to open the door. Sadly she is the first to be consumed by the green slime, in the process of getting burning the slime off Uraki she is cursed to not wield any weapon containing metal for 4 days. Like cinderella, we have uraki try on different weapons until she finds the attractive gemstone tipped spear to be her suitor. The passage continues on to a ledge which the group climbs down.

It opens to a cavern with faint whisperings of water. We see the trail leading one direction, but in the other the group discovers some franken-lizards, which were planning an ambush. Ghim’s superstitious mind exposes the plot. It turns out these baddies double when dealth physical damage, and the group quickly realizes they don’t stand a chance against the horde of lizards-ish… so they run, only after Uraki has a gasoline fight in their hive.

A dramatic retreat sequence ensues… During the escape Ghim finds a note left by Gharm warning him to not follow their path, and also conveying a very sad dwarf scene. Ghim then LIES, GHIM HAS LIED, and tells the group that the note from Gharm indicates that there is safety ahead. The group goes down and down and down, eventually reaching a cavern with curious fleshy walls and webs with flesh in them AND SPIDERS!! Hortensia comes through and finds a small passage into another chamber with a light at the far end. She makes the passage larger for the rest of the group, but loses her mind in the process because she killed everyone else in the party in the process. Ghim picks up the puddle that is hortensia and the group charges forward to the light and encounters a stone wall spanning the chamber with a breach in it. On the other side of the wall is a lizard person coffin but its broken and the corpse is dessicated. Where the head of this corpse should be is a ball of flesh with little tentacles of flesh spreading out into the rest of the chamber seemingly infecting the rest of the chamber. Gallahad valiantly tried to purify the corpse but fails despite his friends contributions and support. In the room beyond is another divining chamber that has been recently collapsed with a dwarf corpse that has been burned. On the dwarf’s face are carvings that say “stone” in various ways. The group walks up to the pedestal and hortensia’s box begins to buzz and when she drops it it expands and lo and behold pluvius and Slav are on the other side. They figure out a way to create a portal between these boxes.

2015 Session 15: Bad Guys Can Cast Fireball, Too

D&D October 25, 2015: Sean

Allies and Rivals

Ally | Rival

- Ghallahad: Hortensia | Ghim
- Ghim Zsofia | Hortensia
- Slav Hortensia | Ghim
- Hortensia Slav | Ghim
- Zsofia Ghim | Ghallahad

Catching Up…

Identified some treasure and magical items. Revisit the fact that we have a really large camp. Barstow (Butcher), Talen (Faithful Human), Kate (expendable), Gearda (Gullable), Thelan (Suspicious Elf)

The Story Continues

Gerwalde and Nebeln deside to head out, as do the agents of the Marquis and some of the refuges. However, we also realize we have a new attendant – Hortensia! The group decides to camp for the night, and there is a heavy rain. The next morning the party enters the place, deciding to close the old passage before pressing onward to the basic stairway. When they arrive at the spiral staircase however, they are attacked by living version of those brutal warrior half-giants.


Hortensia unleashes a blast of magical energy, even as the creature continues to swing towards Ghim, smacking him hard. Ghim goes at it, smashing it with his flail twice. Gallahad charges in to help, fueling divine energy into his trident as he lashes out and stabs into a second creature that has joined the fray. Before anyone else can help, the room is filled by a wretched cloud. Slav falls back, while Zsofia vomits. Ghim continues to fight with the burly creature, trading blows. Gallahad attacks ferociously, drawing the ire of one of the beasts and takes a powerful bash as well.

Slav runs forward, casting a sickness spell on two of them, and the creatures respond by casting another spell. Meanwhile, Zsofia manages to summon winds to try and blow away the stinking cloud and the new halfling rushes forward to offer aid. Slav is then attacked, but shields himself and heals the wounded Ghim. Moments later, Gallahad takes a brutal hit, then struggles to his feet and smashes the creature with a pair of divine smites.

As they fight, there is the sound of more magic being cast and the two remaining ogre-men seem to move with greater speed. Zsofia spins her blast of wind around, clearing the last of the stinking cloud and buffeting everyone with a blast. Then, one of the beasts knocks Gallahad to the ground, only to have Slav draw him back to his feet. The paladin charges back into the fray, taking damage as he dishes it out. Ghim cheers everyone on even as he continues to smash away, taking one of them down and rushing downt he hallway.

Then – BOOM – Fireball! The halfling goes down, while the others manage to survive the blast. However, Gallahad goes down before a torrent of attacks once more. At the end of the hallway, Ghim attacks the newly discovered foe – landing a blow. Meanwhile, Slav and Zsofia manage to draw the attention of the massive one that was beating on Gallahad. The halfling shocks one – shaking it’s conviction for a moment, before it pummels Ghim.

Slav guts one of the massive foes, taking it down, even as an incoporeal form slips past him. Zsofia rushes to join Ghim and Hortentia in fighting the last one. Together they take down what appears to be the last one…


Slav sends two massive zombies downward, and retains one to serve. After some conversation, the party planned to continue onward (closing off the stairwell by the well). They rest in the chamber where coins can be found, trying to recover a little bit.

Down the stairs they find blood and the signs of a major battle, as well as a fresh trail of blood. Slav points out the direction of Ghim’s brother’s ring… it lies below!

2015 Session 14: D'Icare is Dick, Also

D&D October 11, 2015: Matt


H2. Allies and Rivals

Ally | Rival

- Icare: Zsofia | Chiara
- Ghim Chiara | Icare
- Slav Zsofia | Ghim
- Chiara Zsofia | Icare
- Zsofia Chiara | Ghim


Icare was asshole and there was a dwarf suspiciously killed in a pit. There was some gibbering mouthers, evetnually the group found a room with a big book and shadow creatures swarming around it. Friendly fire happens, Icare almost hit chiara. Everyone was given a vision of Icare stabbing Chiara in the back at the end of the session.

The Story Continues…

…with the group standing around the now dissolving corpse of otyugh. The group moves towards the unexplored room in at the south end where the otyugh came from. In it are the remains of spent candles and a corpse of an ogre thing with various parts of it missing or dissolved. Strewn around the room are the ogre’s intestines yet the flesh on the body is preserved. It is laying upon two pieces of a staff with runes, carvings, and gems. On one half of the staff has someone’s hand on it with two magic rings still on the fingers. At one end there is evidence of a bed. Slav takes the rings and puts them on, instantly the hand turns to dust. Icare takes the two halfs of the staff. Icare moves to the middle of the room, snaps his fingers and lights all the candles the room, channeling nyll in the process, most the group is impressed by his stance, Zsofia is thrown into the world of guilt over his death. The room is devoid of dwarven influence with a locked and trapped seaman’s chest in the corner. Icare deftly disarms the trap and opens the chest. Inside is a butt-load of gold and a wand with carvings and eyeball like pearl at the end. Slav gives into the urge to talk in rhyme: “Maybe I can have a look, before the wand is took…” Craig carries the chest.

The group continues clearing the first level of the dungeon. They find a looted and trashed store room with nothing of note in it. The group heads towards another room that appears to be a trashed storage room with another passage leading off it. The group ends up at a well in the room after following the solitary tracks of a dwarf. Said dwarf is found floating at the bottom of said well. Slav casts suggestion on Icare, that he resists, yet Icare chooses to climb down there. Along the lip of the well are etchings that just say “Shut up, shut up, shut up….” repeatedly all the way down. When Icare touches the corpse the water attacks him!

The gray ooze instantly dissolvles Icare’s armor and the group begins to attack the ooze. Slav casts “Toasty toasty, slime is roasty!” Zsofia uses control water to flush the water in the well down. The Ooze get’s flushed the dwarf body smacks the bottom. Once the water is gone two doorways are revealed. The group finds a lever above to switch and do so. The archways open and the upper level turns into a spiral staircase which Zsofia and Ghim fall down “gracefully”, in the process they trebuchet the corpse, which bursts when it slams into the ceiling. One archway opens to a pile of Zsofia-Ghim, the other looks to descend further. Icare gets a sense that down there is great power and treasure, yet also a final end. Slav casts augery and gleans some information about the danger ahead all in well crafted rhyme. Slav relays to the group “My friends I think we should go, but there are things that you should know, something forgotten and important waits, just beyond these long closed gates. Slav must ask you this one thing, when the cup is found to your lips no bring.”

The group decides to leave the well room and heads to another where they find evidence of a dwarf hold-out where many shineys are. Slav notices some shining crystal which appear to be parts of a crystal devining bowl. Ghim gets a sense of the battle, and finds a note indicating that the dwarfs pushed down further in their retreat. The group leaves that room and finds another that has a stairway that leads up. Above we hear the sounds of someone mining and mutting incomprehensibly; the group heads up. They find a mad dwarf mumbling who immediately turns and attacks the group. The dwarf is easily subdued, yet is still adamant about attacking whomever is closest. As the group focuses on the maddened dwarf Icare is left un-watched and slips away, intending to return to the chimney and leave the dungeon. The door that the maddened dwarf was working on clearing is in fact one of the exits to the roof of the fortress. They clear the way and the group sans Icare exit the dungeon. They return to the camp.

Icare returns to camp before the rest of the group, and is surprised to find that everyone out here is also angry with him. Elo is claiming that something vicious was said, Odette approaches Icare asking for “another go”, Theo and Uraki are both looking at him with longing and decides in the confusion to retreat to his tent. When he enters he is assaulted with the seductive image of another Icare (doppleganger => D’Icare). Icare and D’Icare exchange information and not immediately kill each other. Icare convinces D’Icare to take his place and attempt to assassinate Chiara, while Icare waits at camp.

D’Icare heads back to the fortress to prepare to assassinate Chiara. But Zsofia was able to detect sneaky D’Icare at which point D’Icare changed his plan and convinced Zsofia that Icare is the Doppleganger, meanwhile Chiara extends her senses and is able overhear this conversation. Zsofia and D’Icare begin to head back to the camp, the rest of the group by now is ahead of them. Icare by this time has been called out by Gallahad to answer for the drama that D’Icare caused. At that moment Nyll breaks forth from his spirit binds and takes over, deftly avoiding any questions that may expose his plan w/ D’Icare. The scene is interrupted by Ghim entering with the skytouched dwarf which Gallahad is quick to lay his hands on. The dwarf expells some white goo and then falls into unconsciousness. Icare takes this momentary distraction to try to make it to Zsofia to expose the doppelganger. A confusing battle ensues where the doeppelganger impregnates Icare with its spawn but eventually the group figures out the real Icare, and D’ICare is dispatched.

As far as the group things, D’Icare was there in the dungeon the whole time while Icare was left at camp. All returns to normal.

After D’Icare has been dispatched the combined group gathers to figure out how to detect other doppelganger. Slav, Gallahad, & Zsofia devise a ritualistic lesser restoration to try to cure Icare of this affliction. The ritual works and the doppelganger spawn is released along with the spirit of Nyll’s Grandfather Paladin. Icare has now sunk further into evil.

2015 Session 13: Dwarf Murderin, Like You Do

September 27th, 2015 – Sean

Allies and Rivals

Allies & Rivals:
- Icare Zsofia | Gerwaldde
- Ghim Gerwaldde | Icare
- Slav Khiara | Gerwaldde
- Zsofia Icare | Gerwaldde
- Khiara Ghim | Slav
- Gerwaldde Ghim | Icare

Catching up on Last Time…

Corine gets an update. Character Updating.

The Story Continues…

It is determined that in the old world, Monsters are rare, and many of the characters don’t have experience with most monsters.

… Ghim has blown his horn and charged off in a random direction. Or at least, random to the rest of us. He insists that he is using Dwarven Maze solving logic to determine which way to go. The party follows, though less ambitiously. The blowing of the horn seems to have awakened the dungeon, and Ghim is specifically drawn to the sound of Dwarven Dogs. Alas – these dogs are no longer themselves, they have clearly been destorted and taken over by these things.


Ghim is infuriated by the deception and smashes away, crushing one right away. Khiara rushes forward, using her supernatural speed and unleashes some arrows. With the help of Phill another one goes down. Gerwallde slings innefectively, while the rest of the party advances and catches up. Icare fires some bees at one of the dog-things. Meanwhile, they throw theirselves at the party with feral abandon, and don’t seem to be staying down.

Khiara fires a hail of thorns while Slav fires in a blast of scorching rays. Gerwaldde goes to town with some sling stones, smashing the one that’s on her but it doesn’t go down. The players continue to fight, and Ghim manages to destroy one of them. Some of them seem to be loosing their resiliance. The party continues to smash and at long last they are all dispatched.


Icare opens a door by knocking it down. As the party tries to figure out what to do, they hear a voice of a Dwarf coming from somewhere. A note remains, guiding the party towards the beer hall. As they advance, they find a pit trap that has been sprung, in which a dwarf appears to be trapped! The party begins to try and look at it. Then by what appears to be chance, they open it…


But not before a strange thing appears – a massive gibbering mouther! It breaks into 4 parts, 3 of which are caught in the webbing! Icare tries to run, and Khiara chases after him, swinging a great sword! Slav breath’s fire, and burns the webbing. Ghim engages them in Melee, while Icare shoots an eldrich blast. Gerwaldde stands there, paralyzed with inactivity. Khiara rushes forward and attacks with a great sword! Smashing and swinging and spell casting. Khiara is overwhelmed for a moment, but Slav manages t o finish it off with a burst of fire. Craig the Zombie beats one in to submission as well, leaving only 1… and as it advances on Slav, Zsofia finishes it off!


Now the party turns to the dwarves in the pit – one of which is dead. However, there is the question of whether the dwarf is a doppleganger or not. Icare really wants to take blood. So he does, dispite protestations of the group. In the process, he kills the dwarf! The party is freaking out a little bit, but Icare lies sucesfully. There is some posturing and anger, and Icare is clearly not concened with pissing people off.

Ghim tries to advance down the stairs angrily and a slime falls on him!


Ghim is engulfed by the ooze, and the party beats the crap out of him to rescue him!


After some discussion, the party decides to finish explopring this floor. Following the tracks leads to a beer hall, where clearly a massive explosion. Ogre bits are scattered eveywhere, and the dwarves are nowhere to be found. However, one is dead beneath the remains and he still wields a magical hammer which Zsofia takes.

The party continus to exploore, coming to a baricaded door which has some sort of creatures on the other side. After a few minutes the party decides to continue onward, and winds their way through the halls. Here, they come to some room that looks like a place of worship. On the far side is a book, cloaked in shadows. Icare and slav approach, and the shadows attack!

The shadows begin to swallow Slav, draining his life. Slingstones and Eldrich blasts come flying, and then Slav drives some of them back with holy rebuking. Zsofia rushes forward to his aid and smashes one of them out of existance! Ghim follows suit and smashes another, and within a few minutes the creatures are bested. On the pedestal is a ‘tomb of cruel lies’. It details the workings of the Bestow Curse Spell. As the party is examining it, another one of the mad things arive. Only this one is MUCH larger and grosser, smelling like a cross between London and New Orleans.


Kiara fires a pair of arrows into the massive, even as it lunge forward and colapses on her! Slav tries to heal her, but his power is waning. Meanwhile, Icare tries to shoot Kira with a poison dart! Ghim and Zsofia rush to her aid, smashing with hammers while Gerwallde peppers it with stone. Kiara manages to break out of it’s grasp, and it turns it’s attention towards Ghim grasping him. At the same time, the party sees an image of Icare stabbing Kiara in the back. Zsofia blasts the creature with magical shattering. More blows come, and Ghim manages to break free! It flails out wildly, but a moment later Slav catches it with some flames and it goes down!


Thoughts for Next Time…



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