Forthalome: To the New World

And So It Begins

It has been scarcely a week and already this new world has shown me both hope and despair. The very land here is different, cluttered with foreign plants and strange animals which bleed into every day life. Exotic pelts and herbs are gathered with ease and shipped back to the homeland where I am sure they will fetch a price many times exceeding their worth. There is so much promise here, of new possibilities…

But also, such much of the old worlds. Already these people carve out social strata for themselves that mirror what they experienced before. Under the guise of possibility people are drawn, but little do they know how quickly they come to a new set of rules; a new set of rulers. Money, lust, and power drive the world here, just as they do elsewhere.

Yet, as I depart the city with new-found companions I am reminded of just what this place holds for me; the magical resonance of the place is unlikely anything I’ve seen before. Still wild and untamed – purer and cleaner. I do not know what paths the ancient people may have walked, but I know they did not tread the path followed by those I have studied.

There is much to learn.


Chapter 01: Stepping Forth into the Unknown
Wherein our adventurers first voyage out into this dangerous land

Scenes and Events

The Contract and the Voyage

In which the contract was discussed, and plans were made to set forth.

The Scavs

In which doglike beasts were encountered feasting upon the corpse of a beached “whale.” Combat ensued.

The Lost Surveyors

The late-night discovery of a ransacked campsite led to the raid upon a “Rage-born” lair, rescuing part of a missing survey team.

The Lair of the Ancients

Deeper delving into the rage-born lair uncovered a ruined fastness of unknown purpose, and a preserved member of a long-dead race of Ancients.

The Party Roster

  • Nyll: Magic-User and Master of Contracts
  • Icare: Trap-finder and Dandy Dilettante
  • Afwanne: Scandalized Elf on the verge of Disowning
  • Zsofia: Wandering Cleric of the Farstrider
  • Ghim Gorimsson: Dwarf Adventurer and Mining Expert
  • Chiara (joined during the rescue raid): Archer and Tracker

Loose Threads

  • Icare was given the temporary ability to read the Ancient glyphscript, in exchange for a future 12 hours of his life being given over to Nyll’s “Mentor” for her own personal usage.
  • Icare was again exposed to Things Which Man Was Not Meant To See (aka Magic) when he drank from the magical mixture within the Vision Bowl.
  • What did Icare’s vision really detail? Was that an event of the present, the past, or the uncertain future?
  • The Unknown Lizardman was left in his magical coffin, still in stasis for the time being.

NPCs Encountered

Misc. Loot of Note

  • The Knife What Keeps Stabbing (see Items page)
  • 3x pronged metal pike heads, clearly Ancient in origin but in perfect condition
  • Onando’s spell book, offered to Nyll as payment by Feldrinas for safe escort

Chapter Rewards

The chapter comes to a conclusion as the party makes to escort the survey team back to the town of Eaststeading.

Everyone has earned a base of 4125 XP. Those of you with a 5% XP bonus from high Stats will earn a total of 4331 XP. Those of you with a 10% XP bonus will earn a total of 4538 XP.

PLEASE NOTE that due to leveling pace limits, you can only advance a single experience level at one time. Any XP you would have earned beyond what is needed for the next level are “banked” for the future. Thus all of you are able to make it to level 2. However, any of you that would have made level 3 or beyond are still level 2, but will advance again next time experience is awarded. No XP is lost, merely banked for later, to preserve power pacing.


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