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A collection of notes and details on the creatures you’ve encountered so far.

The Ancients: Lizard Humanoids from a Long-Dead Era

Evidence in recently-discovered ruins suggests that a race of lizard-folk ruled these lands many ages ago. These “Ancients” are believed to be long dead and lost to the dust, but at least one living specimen has been encountered, preserved in a magical coffin of life stasis. Additionally, there has been a magical vision of at least one other awakening from its own similar slumber, but the lime and location of that vision’s images are unknown.

“Bleed-stings”: Magical Flies of Utmost Annoyance

These bizarre things are about the size of a small house dog, with a 5-foot wingspan and two clawed legs. They attack with a long spiny proboscis. Evidence leads to the belief that these things are created as guardians of the lost tombs of the Ancients.

Known Information:

  • Hit Dice: 1 + 1
  • AC: 8
  • Special Attack: 1D3 damage, save vs Paralysis for an unknown effect (no one ever failed the save!)
  • Special Defense: When hit with slashing or piercing damage, they split in half, creating two new specimens.

Grey “Whales”

A whale-like sea creature of the new world. Only two specimens have been observed so far. The first was seen at a distance, leaping far away in the waters off the coast on the first morning out of Port Hope. The second was encountered immediately after and much closer, a washed-up corpse being eaten by a pack of scavs.

All living qualities of the creature are unknown. Science has proven that improper handling of a whale corpse can lead to explosion from the gasses within.

Bullymongs Feral Beasts Bonerfarts Rage-born: Orclike Feral Humanoids

Known Information:

  • Hit Dice: 2
  • Natural Weapon: Claws 1D6
  • Special Attacks: They sometimes carry bags of special paralysis powder, made from a substance emitted by their females.
  • Special Defenses: When reduced to half hit points, they go into a rage mode which increases their To-Hit and Damage Rolls by +2. Additionally, they are known to be immune to their own paralysis powder.

Rageborn Broodmother

Scavs: Doglike Reptilian Scavengers


- Unknown tree-sloth centipede things (dickfruit trees)
- pygmy reptile savages (ac 6, 2HD, +2 Attack and +1 Damage, spears and blowguns and poopfeathers)
- that dinosaur thing (AC 0, 8HD, 3D6 dmg, +4 Attack)
- the Rocs?
- wererats
- redcaps
- rat swarms


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