Misc Setting Notes

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The New World

Called “Forthalome,” which in the Ancient Tongue means “Future Home.”

Settlements and Cities


Eaststeading is the closest offshoot colony of Port Hope. It is built on high rainy cliffs overlooking the ocean, with a simple but sturdy set of lifts and switchbacks connecting to the harbor below. In fact, “simple but sturdy” is the rule of thumb with every aspect of the town, from its wooden-log perimeter wall to its log-house internal structure to its very leader, a no-nonsense Raenite cleric named Jonah Hardcastle.

The town’s resident population is around 250, with an additional hundred-plus transients at any time. The “streets” are mostly just unpaved dirt and natural rock foundation, with wooden planks over the muddier bits (and there are always muddier bits). It has a very “Deadwood” feel to it.

Known points of interest:

  • The Broken Lantern: a lower-tier public house
  • Hart’s Hall: A middle-tier drinking establishment
  • The Self-Respecting Gerrymanderer: An upper-tier drinking establishment, run by a geomancer named Xavier

The Expeditionary Camp

A week or so out from Eaststeading. No one has heard from it for a while now…

Upon arriving at Eaststeading, Ghim learned that his brother Gharm had headed out to the Camp direction a little less than a month ago. The party eventually traveled there to find the dwarves mostly massacred, with a handful of crazed survivors having locked themselves in a nearby ruin. Goddamn Lizards!

New Thissenford (Logging Camp)

Located southwest up the river from Eaststeading, travel to New Thissenford takes would-be workers and adventurers on a good six-to-eight day trek through an untamed wilderness known as “The Shivers.”

Panner’s Hollow

Mentioned, but not explored, this miner town exists even further up the river from New Thissenford. When last mentioned, there were rumors of great gem discoveries…

Port Hope

- people live on two sides of the river harbor, with the poor and transient mostly on the eastern bank and shore.

Known Dungeons

Erdea Manor

Constructed by prior settlers 300+ years ago, the Manor was built atop the resting place of another Lizard Priest named Nihiljorithrex. Recently it has been handed over to the Marquis.

Lair of the Broodmother / The Ancient Roost

A two-part dungeon. The lower half was occupied by terrible local monsters, where they rescued both Chiara and the rest of the survey expedition she was with. The upper half contained ancient dangers, long-faded traps, bizarre magical artifacts, and some kind of new magical sarcophagus…

The Ruined Keep of Eaststeading

Once home to a Redcap faerie, the keep is now owned by the heroes and being turned into their home fortress.

The Smuggler Caves

Mostly unexplored, the caves were complicated by being flooded up during high tide – oh, and also full of crab men.

The River Towers

Where the party met the basilisk, found the Incubation Storage, and almost died to a stone golem.

The Old World

Taking opportunity from the new discoveries, the noble families of the Sardal Commonwealth quickly schemed and stuck knives in each others eyeballs until one of them came out on top. She renamed herself Empress Victriessa the First, and re-christened her nation to be the Sardallion Empire.

Misc Setting Notes

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