Forthalome: To the New World

2016 Session 03: Pickman's Gallery

D&D 5E February 28, 2016
Taken by Sean

NEW RULE! Cure spells can take the hit point average the same as you can do when you cast spells

The Story Continues

Oath of the Deep Light (Reskinned Oath of the Ancients)

Ryln (the Druid) has a headache… and so it begins. He is apparently horribly hung over but there are some strange sounds outside of his tent. No wait, he is hanging by his ankles. That makes this WAY worse than a hangover. His feet are bound in chains, and his mouth is gagged with some sort of metal gag. After some consideration he decides to try and break free, but isn’t completly free. Something is whistling and approaching, even while some other figure is clearly trying to communicate with him…

Meanwhile, Candor is in a similar situation. He tries to find the ground, but to no avail. So instead he swing back and forth – finding Ryln. Together, they work to have Ryln pull upwards, using Candor as a rope. After that, Candor manages to catch the chain that was attached to Ryln. They make some progress, but not completly.

At the same time, Vistra is investigating disappearances. People have gone missing. She finds a scene where many things have been scattered, but left behind and not looted. She finds a near dead dwarven woman and heals her – gasp – it’s Smari. Surprised, she tries to wiggle away. They chat. The paladin invites her to help investigate the campsite. She is dazzed, but her memories begin to come back. She remembers who she is… and remembers that she doesn’t have the MAPS!

A quick investigation of the site… things have gone missing, but not necessarily the traditional valuable things. Someone who knew what they were looking for took things.

Smari sees some shit – (29 perception) – and realizes that fine pieces of art are missing. She tries to explain what she has seen to the Paladin. Together, they try their best to piece together what might have happened. Its all very hazy.

Something has clearly addled everyone’s mind.

Meanwhile, Candor and Ryln are still trying to make a hasty escape. It isnt going particularly well. One of the other prisoners is drawn upward, and then swept out. Ryln manages to monkey bar across the top, and Candor manages to swing back and forth until he gets to the top – hastily, they then try and make an escape.

Smari & Vistra using some magical mumbo-jumbo to try and locate the direction inw hcih the stolen art objects and maps might lie. They are lead to a garbage pit. At the bottom of this pit is a small archway… Smari is pretty sure that those they are pursuing lie beyond the door at the bottom. The stonework is old and strange, and she has seen it elsewhere.

They manage to make it to the bottom, where the entrance waits. However, there is a garbage trap that the duo manages to setoff. Smari leaps to the side, but Vistra falls and is smashed by some of the fallen garbage. It is quite disgusting. They work together to pull the Paladin out of the garbage, but it’s quite a mess. She takes damage but eventually manages to break free.

Meanwhile, Candor and Ryln manage to get themselves free of the gags, though at considerable pain. Fortunately, Ryln is able to heal the damage that has been done. They realize that others have been captured, so they attempt to rescue them.

The two drwaves continue pressing their way onward, picking, winding, being careful adn mostly stealthy… for a trapsmith and a crazy paladin in super heavy armor. They find a body that has been horribly displayed in a macabre sense. Horrid. Suddenly a voice screams in anguish – right in their ears!

The other two hear the chaos, and Relyn, currently in the form of a sea-dog wants to go help, Candor casts invisibility on Relyn, who is rushing off to help. Meanwhile, the dwarfs try to build up their resistance to the screaming., but its hard to place where this infernal screaming is coming from.

“9 to shortsword the shape.”

Smari tries to shoot it with a crossbow, but misses. However, it launches a sonic attack back in her direction… she manages to shrug off most of it. Vistra realizes, thanks to her magical necklace, a whole lot about these creatures, who happen to be strange ‘artist’ creatures who torture their victims.

The players attack this strange creature, doing whatever they can to take down the creature. Melee creatures are attacking left and right. It is lit with light, slowed, and otherwise weakend. Smari takes a brutal hit… but stays up. Candor is managing to pull up the fallen – which may, or may not, be important. Eventually, the Paladin get’s its attention and Smari lands a nice sneak attack. As the creature is slowed, glowing with holy fire, and assaulted on all sides … it is taken down, its head smashed by a powerful blow from Vistra!

Everyone lets out a sigh of relief.

“Sweet!” – the GM

They find an artists studio – a grisley studio – with corpses, and brushes and cavases, all made out of various body parts. They also discover their msising works of art, simpyl colelcted off to the side. A true artist!



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