Forthalome: To the New World

2016 Session 02: Too Late for Heaven

D&D 5E January 24, 2016
Taken by Sean

IMPORTANT: New Charachter Stats! 3 set of 3d6, in order as rolled. Pick a set, then roll a d6 and add that many points.

Criticals always do double damage


Jeanne recants the exploits of Zsofia’s faithf and the fiasco that was The Glitter Dragons. Gharm, it is determined, has been writing a lot of letters to the family of dead dwarves.

The Story Continues

Logistics – Where will the PLAYERS go now?
It sounds like we will do a little bit of Community Building.

The boat is returning, but they are late and the smugglers are quite worried about the ramifications later. Khiara is still hoping to meet the Were-Bird (Heaven), but it doesn’t look like she is going to be able to because nobody knows. Their other captain slipped away as well, a were-shark named Hunger.

It is decided that the ship will be left in the care of Malvina, while the party checks in to see what the rest of the people want to do about the boat. Slav gives Malvina one of his Po’ke Balls as a protective measure.

However, when they are leaving the docs they are caught by some guard members. Bribary works though. Yay! They make it back to the keep. More rejoicing. Now what to do? Apparently, kill them. But how? And why? And where. We… make lots of choices.

The pack of were-orcas is murdered – it is a blood bath. But, maybe Lycanthropy affects someone? One guy is taken captive. (Jinkins) After some banter, where he refuses to relent, Zsofia sees him as… sacred… and decides to intercede. Guards start showing up though, so we scramble quickly.

Several Different Groups Break Out:

Pluvius stays behind on the ship to watch over things. ..

… and some shit happens… who knows, I was upstairs?

Zsofia is being offered the chance to turn into a were creature. Jinkins will stay around and be loyal to her, so long as she agrees to shield him. She agrees. Duh, dun, dun! They get all scratchy and stuff. But ultimately, the bite does it. Mmmm!!

Jenkins is now Zsofia’s level 3 Henchmen!
Gallahad has aquired a pack of level 1 charachters.
Reggie has Miconyds.
Icare – a group of level 1 thieves
Ghim – a group of businessmen/miners
Pluvius – an Apprentice – Burren
Uraki – her single henchmen – Bozo – the Boy Thief
Hortensia – Chooses to Hold Off!
Khiara aquires a pack of level 1 rangers from New Thisonfourd
Theodosia – a group of fans/contacts
Slav - > Special message to GM

Slav has gone missing, as well as Nigel. They found an indication that the group has somehow teleported away. Or was maybe burnt. It’s super hard to tell. As they are investigating, Slav speaks to them through the skull – and the staff becomes anchored on the tower.

A trip to Port Hope! – Who’s going? Reggie, Zsofia, Theo, Khiara, Ghim, Gallahad

Back Home! Uraki, Icare, Hortensia, Pluvius & Company!

Or Maybe Not – changing charachters.

Khiara! Gallahad Theo, (Rogue), (Elvish Knight)(Druid Water)

Hurf, the Burren Monk is from Ellom the Burren Monestary.

Hurf met Sternfinger on the way to port hope. They fell in together, where Hurf offered to help protect her.

Ryln Rinsorrow – Druid of the Sea. Found the drifting body of (Angel-touched).



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