Forthalome: To the New World

2016 Session 04: A Murder of Crows

D&D 5E March 13, 2016
Taken by Sean

Burren Unarmed attacks are one die higher (min D4)

H2. Allies and Rivals
Ally | Rival

Hurf -
Uraki -
Candor -
Theodosia -


How did Hurf beocme a monk? maybe we don’t know yet. Not collections. Hurf was a master of Bonzai trees, and eventually earned the trust of the monks.

The Story Continues

Today: We are going to build Port Hope.
Sights/Sounds/Smells – Chaotic, poorly Organized. “All Roads Lead to the River” – Fish & Barking Merchants.

Nauticle Architecture born of necessity, an everchanging cornicopa of smells in frequent whisps of smoke and vapor, with squaking gulls and barking merchants.

Who stayed at home: Pluvius (Retired), Hortensia, Vistra (Went back with Ghim), Gallhad (Working on the Spa), Reggie (Afflicted and driving it towards his Mychonid Connection), Khiara (Staying and Training)

Who went – Ghim (mail duty then returning), Zsofia (sailing), Theo (Wants a Story!), Uraki (Wanderlust and Fight’n),

Who is new – Relyn, Smarri, Candor, Herf (from the Highlands)

Who is AFK – Icare, Slav

Candor, Smari, Relyn, and Vistra have escaped the strange dungeon/workshop of that creature. After some conversation, they decide to destroy the artwork and the tools despite their inherent value.

Note: If Smari wants to have pocketed an item, she can.

The party comes together, and then jumps forward a little bit. The party finds themselves in a chamber made of metal, with a sarcophogous open in the center. The block is… sinking in some sort of spot, and Theodosia’s elemental is holding the doorway.

It is the casket of a powerful Burren Druid who was secretly burried in this elaborate casket. We are here because this druid is an ancestor of Hurf, and they have been looking for her for a few years – we have come here seeking her holy symbol, a druidic artifact. The symbol is – an carved ivory totem of a Dove. Outside is an…enemy…

A Rival Druid! Hundred of Predatory Birds. (Female)

We have the artifact. And if we don’t have it, she can’t reincarnate. Hurf knows this. He has been brought here for a reason. (Her name is Ella) They discuss, and decide that they will trya nd tunnell away. Using the earth elemental, they will try and tunnel away.

As they tunnel, suddenly a bunch of underground creatures begin showing up, clawing and biting at them. The party flees, slaughtering little clawed bastards in the process. Eventually they escape and end up in an underground chamber,

However, even then pursuit continues. Clawed elemental things show up. Two of them. Theo hits them with a blast of sound – but it doesn’t quite seem to stop them. Hurf gives them a blast of wind, hurling one of them backwards. The party does its best to attack, but to no avail. The clawed creatrues – 4 of them – Swarm the party. Hurf is Badly hurt. Candor goes down.

The party rushes upwards, fleeing frantically as they try and escape the burrowing creatures. Through some chance they manage to escape, and somehow survive.



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